Experience with PC and Mac?

Hi everyone,

I was curious what different people's experience with operating HF on Mac and/or PC laptops have been like. I only ask because I'm considering either an HP Zbook or a Macbook Pro.

Any feedback would be appreciated! :)


  • I started out using HitFilm on a mac, but I use it in Windows exclusively now, mainly because the machines give you so much better value for the money.  I haven't had a chance to try HitFilm on my new Razer Blade Stealth, but that little box with its stunning screen is handling 3-4 camera multicam edits in Premiere just fine. It can even play back the 8K R3D samples on Red's web site in Red Cine X-Pro, albeit at 1/8 resolution... but for a machine that doesn't have a dedicated GPU and isn't going to get one for a few more months (I'm planning on adding a Razer Core, but my budget needs to recover from my recent camera purchase first).


  • On a MacBook, unless you buy the top end MacBook Pro 15" you won't have wonderful performance. That's the only model with a dedicated GPU, with other models only having integrated Intel Iris graphics. 

    As WhiteCrane says, hardware wise, you get a lot more machine for your dollar in the PC world. 

    I would recommend checking out sites dedicated to configuring laptops for gamers (xoticPC is a good choice in the USA). These sites have some quality lesser known brands (I have good luck with Clevo/Sager), with more extensive customization options than a stock HP (although HP makes some nice machines). 

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    BTW, there are a relatively small number of companies that actually manufacture laptops. Most of the companies that sell them outsource their manufacturing to these companies. Sager is one of them; what XoticPC is doing is giving you access to the machines without their branding.

    Sager in particular has a reputation for leading the state of the art, though Asus has been doing quite a good job of that as well.

    I'm becoming quite partial to the Razer computers because I'm using one now, though their customer service isn't good; fortunately, you can purchase Razer machines from vendors with better customer service. :)

  • The Zbook have a quadro gpu... you should go for something with a gtx9 or higher.

    I have my zbook almost 2 years know and still not happy with it. Get's way to hot. I upgraded it with an ssd and 32 gb and it still hangs on excel 2013 when copying a column.

    I also have edius 8 and that runs quite smoothly on it.

  • I have a mac desktop and the performance is lack luster. Thus a mac laptop with a less or equal GPU/CPU would be similar at best.

    Mac: FCP/Adobe

    PC: HitFilm/Adobe

    Just my opinion based of 12 years of experience though... haha

  • I also find my Mac desktop lack luster when using Hitfilm Pro... but blazing fast when using Adobe/Element 3D/FCPx and Motion 5.

    My thinks HF likes the PC much better than the Mac. Probably due to the limited availability of GPU performance with a MAC. At least that's my observation based on my own experience and what PC users here post about their performance. Night and day difference.

  • On a PC and a Mac with the same specs, HitFilm tends to perform better on the Mac than the PC. But then, the biggest factor involved in performance, when we have people ask about performance, is the format of the video they are using, not their hardware.

  • I once edited a ~10 minute film on my 2012 13" Macbook Pro (Intel HD 4000,2.5GHZ i5, 4GB 1600mhz ddr3, 500GB SATA 5400rpm disk), no external drives or anything, just a SATA disk, with 1080 footage in .mp4 @ 16.7 MB/PS. It was...slow. Doing basic cutting and a few tracked lens flares and other small tasks caused the program to crash a few times, and the program would take ~3 minutes to load up again.  But it was doable- I also did the same thing for a similar ~40 minute movie, and I had the same slow yet doable experience. I now edit on a 2015 13" bottom- of - the line Macbookpro, (128GB SSD [ pcle], Intel Iris 6100,  8 GB 1866MHz LPDDR3, 2.7GHz i5) and I made an entirely 3d model based 4 minute film with no crashes and smooth performance with a 1 TB USB SSD drive. Granted, I haven't tried a PC, but for my basic purposes, it runs real nice. So .... yeah... if this long ramble helps at all


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