Transcoding to the DNxHD codec

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OK so my video gets laggy in the software and I need an editing codec. I downloaded one but I don't know how to use it. It is an    AVID DN×HD  codec. Let me know of anything that can make my videos use it. Thank you.


  • Installing a codec doesn't convert existing clips into that codec. For that you'll need to transcode them.

    The free version of Resolve is a good bet. HitFilm's proxy workflow might be a good option also, and probably also a bit easier to manage.


  • How do you get proxy workflow I use hitfilm 4 express.

  • So I have tried to transcode Mt footage to DNxHD with mpeg streamclip, but the file always comes out corrupt and can't be used in HitFilm. 4 express. Does anyone know of a free transcoding software for Windows that can transcode to DNxHD without the file being corrupt or unplayable. Thanks

  • Proxies are more designed for pre-rendering composite shots, not so much for converting video files. MPEG Streamclip is a great free program that can be used to convert files to the DNxHD codec.

  • Thanks but using that makes my files come out corrupt and none of my video player not even hitfilm can read them after they went through that software. Am i using the wrong file format to go with the codec.

  • As long as you are using .mov then you are using the correct format for DNxHD.

  • It still doesn't work but I compressed my videos with handbrake to h.264 and they are fine now and not laggy. One more question, do you know of any free rehousing software for video not audio. I have a camera that takes noisy video and doesn't have iso control. If anyone has any ideas please throw them at me. Thanks

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    Since I installed Davinci Resolve 12.5 on my machine I ditched every converter and use Davinci to export in DNxHD format. It works fantastic and has some advantages.

    Since every effect you throw on a clip in your HF timeline will at a certain point slow the whole thing down (yes, little things add up in every program) I do the following in Davinci Resolve prior to the DNxHD conversion:

    1. Adding sharpness to each clip
    2. Doing the initial color correction (as I work with Technicolor Cinestyle I use a LUT that makes me a nice Rec.709 thingy, without me doing too much at that stage.

    In my current workflow I then do everything in Hitfilm and go back for the final color grading to Davinci. However, since I plan to upgrade to HF 2017 in the next day, this workflow may differ in the future.

  • Thanks but I'm looking for a despising software rather than another compositor.

  • I'm mean denoising software

  • @JakeGamer1803 I think I might be interested in your despising software ;)

    To convert to DNxHD try the Convert V3 demo The author hasn't found a good host for reliable downloads so you might have to try downloading a few times before it goes through. The demo only lets you transcode two clips per session and some things are disabled but there's no time limit on the demo and if you decide you want the extra features it's only $25.95 for a license. Several users here are using it and really like it.

    Quality denoising probably isn't going to be free. The Repair Pack for HitFilm 4 Express is $50.00 and includes the outstanding Denoise plugin. Most other options like Neat Video, DE:Noise or Denoiser II are going to be more expensive, In my opinion none of them work any better than the HitFilm Denoise effect. In fact of the three the only one I consider as good as it is Neat Video.

    Most of the free options are going to revolve around VirtualDub and/or Avisynth because there are lots of plugins and scripts for both and it's not a question of which one is best, it's which one is going to work with your footage. It's all trial and error to figure that out and it's going to take a lot of prep work on your part just to get VirtualDub to be able to import your clips and export something you can use. Avisynth will take even more work to get going properly.


  • Just get HF Pro. The denoiser feature is great and you have the whole shebang. In the end it is less expensive than to buy all the add-ons.

  • @MarioKluser Well yeah there is that option ;)

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