New intro using Boris Title Studio in HitfilmPro 2017

Playing with the new version and stealing nearly everything from a Boris tutorial on their site, made this epic style new intro. Criticism and thoughts welcomed!



  • @CowboyBob ; Very nice!  It sure has that "Star Trek reboot" opening feel.  I've always liked the scratched metal effect.

    I might pull back a little on the damaged film look.  Kind of pulls you away from the logo. Just my $0.02.

  • @Stargazer54: I think you are correct. During the creative process, I think it's easy to go too far. I pulled back the opacity on the film damage quite a bit and I believe it looks a lot better. 


    Thanks for the input!

  • edited November 2016

    Got a question, thinking about buying the upgrade of HitFilm Pro 2017 (skipped 4Pro--bought Ignite instead) and am wondering the following: given the way that Boris 3D objects works, does this mean that HitFilm can now use .eps vector files in it's workflow--within limits?

    Thinking about finally being able to pair HitFilm with a certain vector editor that released it's Windows version on the same day as HitFilm Pro 2017...

  • Yes Hitfilm 2017 via Boris can read EPS and AI files. Hitfilm 4 could read EPS/AI files via Boris.

    In 2017 I've not yet tried to import an EPS file into the new Boris Title Studio effect but I assume it can as well.

  • Prior to this (2017) version, i tried reading some EPS files into Boris and it was really picky. It wanted files from Illustrator version 8. Fortunately, I have AI 10 and could read the files in and save as ai 8.0. I haven't tried anything but files saved  from Illustrator this way since. So, if you really need an eps from another program, you should check that it is compatible 

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