Major viewport bug

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It's probably related to the other one I posted, but the viewport is jumping to ridiculous displacements when I'm zooming out to see the entirety of my clip. I had the clip centered, zoomed out, and it jumped to -65,000 x 22000


  • @WhiteCranePhoto thanks for reporting this, I'll have a look on Monday when I get back to the office.

    Are you using a PC or a Mac? And what mouse are you using? When you say that you zoomed out and it jumped, did it move your layer or just the camera? I'm not sure I understand what is happening

  • I'm in Windows. The mouse is a Razer.

    The viewport was inexplicably zoomed in so far that I could only see a corner of it, so I used the wheel to zoom out, and when I did the image vanished entirely. I was able to get it back by looking at the coordinates in the lower right corner of the viewport and dragging until they were close to zero. I didn't run into this on the same machine without the external monitor.

    The machine is a 2016 model Razer Blade Stealth.

    BTW, the viewport only started getting wonky after I switched the laptop monitor to 100% scaling (from 150%) -- and it was still at 100% when I fired up HitFilm 2017 on location without the 2nd monitor.

    Hopefully that info helps :)


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