Any timeline on HF5? Beta testing opportunities?

I am considering a purchase of HF Pro, but as it lacks certain key features I need, I decided to wait to see if they appear in HF5. Is there any timeline on this, and is there a way to beta test the software when the time comes?



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    Perhaps you could regale us with the key features that you seek? :)

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    FxHome does not publish a schedule of what they will release and when. Companies rarely do until a release is imminent. October/November might be a reasonable guess for HF5.

    As for testing the software, the product does of course have a trial mode.

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    The HitFilm wishlist is almost longer than my Christmas list.

    I'm looking forward to a bigger RAM preview, that's one feature that's already been confirmed!

  • "RAM preview"


  • @TriFlixFilms don't use all 64 GB.  You won't leave anything else for the OS, the software or any other programs you may be running. ;-) 

    32GB would be enough. 

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    I'd like the ability to see your markers, plane outlines, masks etc. over the top of the RAM preview, because at the moment they're all turned off which means I have to keep on destroying the RAM preview to get to see them again, then remaking the RAM preview. Frustrating... :(

  • @TriFlixFilms is looking for a 10 minute RAM preview, LOL! :D

  • Ram preview, Yes, but for me to have it in the NLE. That and/or get Hitfilm closer to Par in performance in certain areas.

    The 4GB limit is a bit silly but for me I don't have the patience to wait for a super long ram preview to compute. I cut the res to Half which quadruples the effective preview buffer size and helps speed up the preview compute time.

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     Q: Does RAM preview speed up even at full res if the disk it's writing from is much faster, i.e a 2 GB/s SSD?

    Where's the bottleneck exactly? I'm researching a balanced HitFilm/Gaming PC for Christmas when I'm upgrading, so that's why I'm asking.

    There's no information about this topic anywhere. The Staff doesn't say what affects performance other than "get a gaming PC" type answer.

  • I am not following. RAM preview does not write to any disk. It writes to RAM.

    When you ask "what affects performance" you are asking a far too general question. It cannot be answered.

    In Hitfilm the 2D effects and 3D modeling features are done on the GPU so a faster GPU makes those run faster. How much faster. Well that probably depends on the exact actions being done by the specific composite/project.

    If you are compositing a lot of media files then a CPU with a lot of cores will really help out. With HD res media you basically use one full core per media file decode. I am talking real physical cores. None of this hyperthread logical cores. So 4 cores is probably good for 4 simultaneous media files before you get into CPU bottlenecks.

    If your media files are uncompressed or Image sequences you are probably going to run into disk I/O throughput issues depending on the number of simultaneous media files. Even a 6Gbps SSD can run out of gas here.

    I've done some particle simulator stuff where my CPU was at 15% utilization and my GPU was at 40% and it was only doing one frame every couple of seconds. It kind of makes you want to cry. You would hope something on the machine is balls to the wall. All that power in my machine going unused. Really what this told me that there was something inside the particle simulator that is single threaded and that thread was maxxed. A thread trace confirmed this. My CPU is 4 core plus hyperthread. This means that 12.5% is one thread fully loaded. My GPU was not loaded because that one simulator thread could not generate enough work to load it up. The other CPU cores were basically idle because I had no media files being decoded or other CPU tasks.


  • No, I ment from disk to RAM,  or does the project always stay in RAM? Because people are getting ridiculous low RAM usage even on decent size projects.

  • Hi.

    In the last weeks I'd worked a lot with AfterEffects and start loving some tiny workflows I would to see in a further version of HitFilm:

    • Better keyboard support to show/hide common properties like position (p), scale (s), rotation (r), opacity (o), ... of selected layers
    • Shortcut to only show animated properties (keys 'u' and 'uu' in AE)
    • Expression support (written in common languages like JS, LUA, ...)
    • I love Shapes in AE. All my motion graphic animations were made with shapes and animated properties. They are soo would be cool to get something like that in HifFilm
    • Better text, typography tools
    • Instant RAM preview!!! You don't need to trigger it manually, it should render frames to run while playback so the next loop will be realtime.
    • Kinetic keyframes (i.e. a keyframe assistant to generate elastic / bounce effects, ...)
    • Timeline markers
    • Masks paths! A way to animate properties drawn by a path
    • ...

    Just my 50 cents ;-)

  • Media files are always read from disk at the time they are needed. Meaning, frame by frame during playback.

    Define "decent size projects". I think you might mean a long time duration. e.g. say 2 hours. If a project is 10 seconds or 10 hours long the video editor is processing only one frame at a time. You cannot load video into memory. The general case is that this is just WAY too much memory once decoded.

    For media files Hitfilm probably maintains a seek table to be able to position to a frame in the media file quickly. These types of things do not take up a lot of ram. For LongGOP codecs (AVC/H.264 (commonly mp4/mov), MPEG-2) this seek info is very important as you must to know the positions of I/IDR frames.

    For 3D objects, Hitfilm probably keeps geometry and/or textures memory resident. At least when a comp using said object is active (being used/referenced in some way).

  • Yeah because in a different thread thats recent a user posted 4 GB RAM usage on a 2 minute video, does HitFilm really use more, can someone confirm this?

    This program is so complicated compared to other software out there.


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    @Triem23 FOOL! You underestimate my power! I don't run a measly 64gb oh no, no, no.... I run 128gb!

    hahaha well... not yet, but the upgrade is imminent. :) 

    And @CitrusNinjaKick, Kevin, 4gb usually maxes out at 2 seconds on my VFX heavy edits...

  • Sorry I just realised I hadn't followed up my original post a few weeks ago.

    Unfortunately as posted elsewhere, HF2017 completely misses the target for new features for me. Most of my work is motion graphics, and I can't see anything in this upgrade that would make it remotely possible to switch to HF as my go-to app for this kind of work:

    - No shape\vector layer support of any kind (this is a BASIC requirement for most motion graphics)

    - Text handling is very primitive and not that pleasant to use

    I'm guessing that most HF users are film makers, which explains the choice of new features, which is fine, but it's not a viable option for motion graphics yet, unless some of these gaping holes are filled or upgraded considerably.



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