Feathering just one side

I can't seem to figure it out, but what if I wanted to feather just one side of a shape or layer. Can this be done easily? Is there an effect that can be used to accomplish this?








  • I don't think so.... but- you could feather that layer, then copy an unfeathered version of that layer on top. Then, mask that copy so that it stops just when the other layer starts to feather out. Parent the copy to the original if you want animations, and comping those layers might make things a bit easier to see & edit.


    Hope this helps,


  • Ah, I was hoping there was some easier way that I was overlooking.

  • Use two masks, one of which is feathered and one which isn't.

    Overlay the one that isn't over the part that you don't want to be feathered and set the blend mode to Subtract.

    Alternatively overlay it over the bit you do want feathered and set its blend mode to Intersect.

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