Leave Color Effect

I can't find the ''Leave Color Filter'' As Described in this video at liek 1:40 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyYIkPf4qdY  in 4 Express.... I googled and it is supposed to be in Stylized, but I can't find it... Any Help?


  • It's in the Starter Pack.

  • Ok, I'm an idiot and see now it's not in base express! 

  • You can use Hue & RGB key to do a similar thing.

    Key out the colour you want, set the remaining footage to mono with the Hue and Saturation filter, then put the original layer below it to show through the hole you made. 

    You can do more than one colour this way by cutting multiple holes in the top layer with different Hue & RGB Keys. Although the Starter Pack is still worth getting because it's awesome in other ways. :)

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