Hitfilm Project Turned to mp4

I was looking for one of my Hitfilm project files from a few weeks back and couldn't find it. For some reason it landed in my recycle bin, so I restored it, but now it is categorized as an mp4 file (I'm sure this isn't a video as I properly labelled it). Now I can't open it, neither as a video in a video player, nor as a Hitfilm project. Any cIue on what could have happened and how to save it? I put a lot of work into the project and would be sad to see it go as it is far from finished. I use Hitfilm 4 Express btw. Thanks a lot....


  • FYI: I use windows 10 and am an absolute noob when it comes to this kind of thing.... So any help is appreciated

  • try searching for *.hfp on your drive/s

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    You could make a copy of the file (for backup) and then try change the file extension .mp4 to .hfp, ignore the prompt, telling you that the file may be corupted after renaming. Then try opening the renamed file in Hitfilm.

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