Title Cards with flares

Is it possible with Hitfilm 4 to create title cards like in these trailers for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain?





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    Express or Pro? Either way, yes, but in Express you'll need the  Starter Pack add-on for 3D text and the atmospheric light pack if you don't want to have to create your own flares. 

  • I have Express, and can't get the packs at this time.  I found a free Light Flare graphic that I could get.  Is it hard to animate the flare for the text?

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    Nope. It's more or less moving the flare from A to B. 

  • Is it possible to animate the flares created with Hitfilm to flicker?

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    Yes. You can either hand-animate the opacity of any drawn/custom flares you add, or use the Ficker effect in the Hitfilm Starter Pack add-on. 

  • I have a question about the Boris 3D objects plugin I can buy for Hitfilm 4 Express.

    I would like to use 3D text for the logo of my website and I would like to make the text rotate and come together like in the first 10 seconds of this tutorial on Youtube.  Can this be done with Boris 3D objects, or the 3d extrusions from the starter pack?



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    Yes, and yes. 

    3D Extrusion from the Starter Pack can extrude single colored text and have it reflect an environment map. 

    Boris 3D text is much more advanced in how you can color and texture text. Compare the Boris add on for Express to things like Blufftitler or NewBlue Titler Pro--or even to the cost of adding Boris to Vegas, Avid or AE and you'll see the Boris add on for HF4E is a bargain. 

  • Can I make the individual letters rotate individually like in the tutorial?  I'm also planning on applying metal textures to the text.  My primary editor is Corel VideoStudio Ultimate which comes with Boris Graffiti, but I couldn't get the text to work right. 

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    You should be able to. That might be the "Type on text" effect. 

  • Does the Boris 3D objects come with the title studio, or just the type on text, and extruded text?

    if it doesn't come with the title studio, does the type on text allow for different animations for each letter like in this video for title studio?


  • Can I animate each letter individually with different settings?

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    Probably using the "Type on Text" effect. 

    Boris for HF4 doesn't have Title Studio, but Title Studio really just combines everything from the rest of the 3D objects effects into a single interface. 

  • Agreed. That tutorial just shows a standard type on effect animation. In that example, each letter has the same animation done in random order. Animation being a letter rotation and fade in for reveal.

  • I'm researching before I buy. I tried to do it with the Boris Graffiti plugin that came with VideoStudio 6 Ultimate, but I couldn't get it to look right. The type on effect only rotates each letter the same. I made 2 copies of the text, one was the logo as a whole. The other I converted to a 3D container to break the word into letters. When I did that, the textures mapped to each letter individually instead of the text as a whole.
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    @SolidSnake2003 Here is some more info for your research. BCC does not allow for manual animation of each letter individually. Type on text does have limitations. The animations it can do are limited to each letter performed in succession. Letter animation goes left to right, right to left or in random order. You can also adjust the amount of overlap between each letter. All the way from each letter being separate and finishing animation before the next letter to a 100% overlap where all letters move at the same time. As stated animations are letter based so you cannot animate two separate lines in Type on text as whole lines. To do that you would need two separate layers. One for each line and doing the same animation on each line.

    Here are the values you can change for letter animation in Hitfilm 4 BCC Type on text. Of course this can be combined with whole layer/effect transformations. You have a good amount of control and can get animations that are more than what one might think of as a "type on" effect.

  • Does the Type on Text and extruded text have the title container like in the title studio?   If so does it show the individual letters with their keyframes?

  • Basically no to everything. The BCC effects are just effects in Hitfilm or other apps. No separate timeline container within Type on text. All text is atomic in BCC effects. No distinction to letters, words, lines, paragraph. It is all just a blob of letters to the effect.

    NewBlue Titler Pro is like the BCC Title studio in that it has its own timeline which is a container for possibly multiple text objects. Actually Titler Pro existed long before BCC Title studio so one should say studio is like TP.

  • Does the type on effect, or the extruded text have a jitter effect?

  • Extruded Text does.

  • If I added a texture to it, will it animate with it?  I ask this cause on BorisFX.com's page for this say that textures don't animate with letter transformations.

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    Correct. This is what happens.



  • Would a multi color gradient work?

  • Define "work"?

    If you mean, can I have a color gradient on text then yes. Simply select the source layer as the texture source and apply a gradient before the BCC text effect.


    Text textures in the Hitfilm/OFX BCC variant only support the current layer as the source for texture. You cannot point to any other layer.

    If you mean "work" as in do gradients behave differently with the jitter property relative to normal textures then no. They behave the same.

  • Have you looked at https://panzoid.com/ ?

    Basically drag and drop text, effects, camera moves, add music, export, slap on the front of your YouTube videos, upload.

    Basically does what people have been doing with Blender Intro Templates for a while, but is even easier.

    Or, find a Blender template you like and just change the text to your channel name - although you'll need to change the music as everyone making templates for download just rips 10 seconds from the middle of popular tunes and hopes YouTube won't notice, which in many cases they haven't, but...one day will.

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    @NormanPCN - Yes I meant a gradient to be used like a texture.  I thought that maybe there would be some style presets that included gradients like in Graffiti.

    So I don't get to load textures as layers in a composite to use them as textures?  Just wanting to make sure I understand what you meant in your post.

    @Palacono - I never heard of Panzoid, or Blender templates.  Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Would I be able to try out a demo of these plugins?  Can I try the Hitfilm 4 Pro edition without losing Express?

  • You can have Pro and Express installed at the same time. They will not conflict. The demo/trial for Pro does not have third party licensed features active. They are only active after purchase. This includes BCC and Mocha. At least that has been the case in the past.

  • Alright thanks for answering my question about the trial.

    To make sure I understand about how textures work.  I can only have one texture for the text right?  I have to have the texture as the layer then add BCC filters to it.

  • Yes, one texture for each instance of the BCC effect. To be specific you can have a unique texture for the front, back, side and bevel of the text. Only one texture per each material property (front, etc).

    In BCC a texture either comes from a file on disk or the source layer of the text effect.

    BCC provides many texture files on disk, accessed via their menu to mimic common materials. You can copy your own texture file(s) to that folder and they will show up on that menu in the controls panel.

    For a dynamic texture, even a video stream, you put the text effect on the layer that has the "texture" and select "source" for the layer option. Since BCC in Hitfilm(OpenFX?) only supports "source" for the layer you cannot have different layers provide different textures for the front, back, side and bevel. You could have "front" be the source layer and the sides, etc, use a texture from disk.

  • So I can load a different texture for the front if I so choose.  I'm planning on adding the BCC effects to a plane black plane for each text layer.

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