canon vs nikon

Canon t5i vs Nikon d5300? I am looking to probably get one of these but not sure what is the better option.


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    Do you already have a lenses available to borrow or own any or can get any for cheap for either brand?

    I personally decided to go with a Canon, 600D at the time, over the Nikon counterpart. The Nikon produced a better image, but it's neglible after having used both literally side by side in either hand, and the primary concern I had was features. So for that reason I went with Canon due to Magic Lantern, many useful features which are included in a lot of expensive cameras.

    My most used feature in Magic Lantern on my Canon 600D is the ability to spot every area which won't have any detail in them, so that I don't waste my time:

    Second is focus peaking combined with focus pull and rack focus. 

  • What CNK said. 

  • Is canon refurbished good?

  • If from a reputable dealer, yea. Look for something like a 30 day return policy in case of failure. Factory refurbs should be about as reliable as a freshie. 

  • Its a refurb from canon and it has a 1 year warranty.

  • Go for it. 

  •  Got the canon! Seems to be pretty good. The only thing is the auto focus is a little slow.

  • That because it's probably the kit lens. A cmere is just a sensor with some added features. Good glass (lens) > good camera. Cameras get new specs and price reduction all the time, good glass never goes out of date.

    Hang in there and youll get some fast glass in due time . Curious to know which canon you got :)

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    @TriFlixFilms I think OP was looking at the t5i. 

  • Ah what a wonderful investment! I was reading the comparassion between  the t5i and the legendary 7d just today. Typically the t5i outperforms the 7d in video which is crazy give nthe price diference. Congratulation of the purchase, would love to see you work!

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