Hitfilm 4 Pro on the HP Envy 13

I have a HP Envy 13 Laptop and want to buy Hitfilm4 Pro. As far as I can tell I meet all the system requirments, only with the graphics card I can't tell if it is up to the task, as I have to admit I don't know too much about this stuff. I use Express and for the most part it seems to work fine. But before I spend 350 bucks I want to be sure I can actually use it. If I do need a better graphics card what should I do? I read about some ''graphics amplifiers'', but don't quite know if that would help, if they are compatible and worth it. I'll be glad to answer any questions. Thanks a lot!

My laptop: http://store.hp.com/us/en/mdp/Laptops/envy-13


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    Are there any specs anywhere that isn't just marketing talk?

    My guess would be that no it's going to be just good enough for editing, but not that fast while compositing (why you would want to buy Pro is due to the advantages when compositing), depends on your needs.

    I recommend buying a desktop PC and a Chromebook or something on the side if you really need something like this. Both this and the Macbook Air are overpriced options for people that want to take notes and what not, even a low end N2840 (processor) is enough for taking notes, and no slow downs while browsing. An i3, i5, i7 are extremely bad options for this kind of use, they try to sell people things that they don't need, that's the truth.

    You can't upgrade that laptop in any way, I'm not even sure that you will be able to replace the HDD (SSD), sometimes that isn't possible. They don't tell us if it's a EMMC drive or a full blown SSD drive, they don't tell us what kind of i5 (very likely a low powered dual core i5 with Hyperthreading), and the list goes on...

    In order for you to take advantage of an external GPU solution (eGPU), you will need an external GPU enclosure (Razer Core...), a Thunderbolt 3 port/USB Type-C port, and be on the list of compatible devices which currently Razer has the final say on. Your laptop doesn't appear to list any of these things.

    In HitFilm, your primary concern is the GPU, because even though compositing is GPU heavy, HitFilm still renders the entire timeline on the GPU (without going into detail), and that's not a good thing with these laptops.

    I'm afraid that you fell for marketing hype, and while I understand that this may seem rude to you, but the reality is, you can't do much besides basic browsing and some light editing on that laptop, which puts you in the middle between bad performance and good performance for a laptop, all things considered.

    The only reason this type of marketing works, is because the manufacturers combined with the average users' experiences with (often older) laptops, is that they convince those unaware that a faster processor is what they want, when in reality it's almost always the hard drive that is simply too slow. They put in low powered, low cost parts, and sell them for a lot of money, this tier of laptops (even though I think they're bad) are a gold mine.

  • Ok thanks for the detailed answer, pretty much what I expected. As I said I'm no pro at all when it comes to this stuff and this Laptop has fullfilled my needs in every other way so far, editing is the only thing I do that may require something better. I might get a pc to do that (and other stuff). Do you have any recomendations on what I should get or what parts I would need that are rather cheap but do the job? It should be able to handle 4k. Thanks a lot for the help

  • And when I got the laptop editing wasn't even in my mind, so I don't feel tricked or anything, I'm still very happy with my laptop :)

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    Yeah, a laptop turns into a personal device you take anywhere very quickly, and the lighter the better. However, my argument was that a Chromebook would be a better alternative, from a pure needs standpoint, not exactly price to performance.

    I edited to add more information, which is a mix between my opinion and well not my opinion, so hopefully it's not too confusing!

    There are a lot of people here that could help you put together a 4k video editing PC, I recommend creating a new thread for that, and try to include literally everything in terms of 4k, not just "I want to edit 4k", there are so many combinations that well you'd be spending a lot of money if you want to cover everything 4k, and it still won't be smooth.

  • Ok thanks a lot for the help, I'll infrom myself first of all :)

  • You're very welcome!

    I'm sorry that you were told in such a rude way, partly due to the fact that I have a language barrier.


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    Note that for a serious editing computer you're better off with a desktop (unless your work absolutely REQUIRES you to edit on the road).

    For a laptop capable of relatively quickly handling 4k you're spending a couple thousand. 

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    @CNK absolutely no problem. I know my laptop isn't a powerful machine, that's not what I was going for. I was just checking if it might work, I wasn't convinced it would :) And I realize I probably sound like an idiot, mainly because I have almost no clue what so ever when it comes to specs :) Just a final question to make it 100% clear. Will my computer be able to handle it at all? I don't need it to render 4k in 3 seconds, but is it just going to not function in a proper way at all? Would you recommend an add on pack instead maybe? 

    @Triem23 So I don't do this for a full time job or anything, more of a hobby, even though I will be spending a lot of time. I realize a desktop is the way to go, that's what I would do once I try to get a computer for editing. But since it's not a profession I want to avoid buying a whole new computer, unless I need it. I don't need to edit 4k fast anyway, it's just about will my laptop be able to even handle Hitfilm pro (since express is working totally fine for me) or is it just going to crash anyway.

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    It's got a 6th gen i5 CPU, it's going to run HitFilm 4 Express, Pro I'm not sure. The 6th gen iGPU is quite a bit faster than older gen iGPU's, however, remember that it's much lower powered, which means the iGPU is going to be weaker as well. As a result, you're very likely going to stay at or just above the minimum requirements to run HitFilm.

    Absolutely buy a desktop which is set up for future upgrades. You can build a desktop that would fit in a backpack, well worth while if you travel a lot. Compositing is VERY time consuming, 1 single frame (24 frames in a 24 FPS movie) can take seconds to hours depending on complexity, the time saved would be very quickly worth while if you go with a desktop over a laptop.

  • Ok, great! Thanks a lot for all the help :)

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