My "Invasion" Quadrilogy

This is the trailer I quickly knocked up (using iMovie) for the third installment of my Invasion trilogy....named "Homeworld". Still using Hitfilm Ultimate 2.0. Each week I discover some new effect or technique. Gold help me when I start using the newer versions (which I have).

The completed film should be finished in three weeks.




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     Looking forward to it! That'll teach those aliens not to invade out of boredom! 

    Paul, you might have noticed that the Movie Wall is gone (in favor of this new User Gallery Forum). Maybe toss parts one and two in here so everyone's caught up for the big finale?

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    Thanks for that Triem 23 :)

    Okay.....I made my first little movie (Invasion) using FXhome's old VisionLab software a few years ago. Whilst it was the best I could do at the time (using real kit models), I was quite limited by what camera shots I could do with them. So immediately after I finished the film, I began delving into Hitfilm Ultimate 2's capabilities, and realized 3D models were the way to go, so I "re-edited" my film (thus calling it "Invasion 2014) and replaced 99% of the kit models for CGI ones (and tossed in a couple of other 3D models for good measure). I also made great use of the motion tracking feature (which is a Godsend). Unfortunately I didn't use the tracking on my alien's eyes (as I had by then tossed all my original footage) they wobble quite a bit. I made up for it though by tracking their eyes in the sequel :) So......this was my first little film -

  • The second installment of my trilogy was "Operation: Assassination".  By this time I was solely just shooting with my iPad, and filming actors only at their convenience, hence it took so long to make (as I hate encroaching on people's free time). I'm the only nerd in this group :). Also, most scenes were a blue screen environment (as us amateurs didn't want to go to real locations wearing those silly costumes). With this one, I started to explore the "Particles Engine" stuff, so a couple of scenes feature some very primitive shots using that. So this is how it turned out -

  • "I am the master."

    "Only a master of disaster!"

    haha. nice one.

  • LOL.....ahhh yes......I tried to make it as schlocky and "B" Grade as possible :) I didn't realize people watched that far into the movie....haha. Thanks for noticing :)

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    Watch this space.........better version of my movie to be uploaded shortly.

  • Yes! I'll be watching this tonight! 

  • Actually, in my haste to finish this film, I uploaded it before realizing I had made some editing errors.....which I am correcting now. So, a new version will be added here soon.

    (Doesn't mean you need to watch it again, as I am probably the only one that can see my

  • @WedgeOz Well that is some impressive amount of work you did there, not had time to view it all, I'll wait until tonight, however the trailer above has some very slick looking titles, liking those a lot. If anything they might be a tad professional for the rest of the production (not that I'm knocking it, but the titles look big budget TV).

  • This is fantastic! :)

  • Looking forward to seeing the new edited version of this! :) 

  • Awwww...thanks guys! Hopefully this link is much better (though my friends didn't notice the errors in the first one.....I certainly

  • @WedgeOz Imma make sure to watch this over the weekend (didn't realise it was a 34 minute beast!)

  •  @KirstieT  Haha...yes sorry about that. This is why it took me 20 months, and also the reason why I cut 4 scenes out of it. Started to get out of hand :)

  •  Worth the work, Paul. You already know I love this series. 

    So...Invasion IV, the Odyssey? 

  • Ha! Actually it was you Triem that suggested I do this third one a couple of years ago. I vowed I wouldn't do a fourth.....but......I feel strangely compelled

    Stay tuned :)

  • Paul, I think you'd started Homeworld. I just encouraged you to finish it.

    I wasn't expecting you to leave it on a cliffhanger.

    You know, if it really does take a century for "Paul" and "Luke" to get back, time dilation will keep them unchanged, but I wonder if "Mrs. Paul" would have been locked in cryo by the computer to shut her up from everytime she came around to ask where her husband and son are. Just sayin'...

  • You have no idea how close you are to the story I am thinking up Triem :)

    Time to jot down some notes :)

  • Oh you definitely need to make this a trilogy in four parts!

  • It's gonna happen.......thanks for the encouragement :)

  • Nice logo! 

  •  Yep nice looking logo...

  • A recent visit to an airport gave me the opportunity to film the first shot of Episode IV.

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    Booyah! Blowing things up! 

  • Just wanted to thank Hitfilm as my little amateurish movie has been accepted to be screened at the 1st Annual
    Chhatrapati Shivaji International Film Festival In India.

    (In the Mobile Phone/Device category).

    Small things....but made my day. Thanks guys :)

  • That's pretty cool! There's nothing like actually walking into a full-on theater to watch your own work. 

    Part 1, 2, 3, or all of it? 

  • Haha.....just the third one, as I thought the effects were "cleaner" in that one. It is after all, an "effects fest" and not much on storyline. For all I know I am the only submission in that category....but doesn't matter, it's just thrilling to have it accepted, screened and viewed by others.

    I'm happy :)

  • You should be! That's exciting! Congratulations! 

  • @WedgeOz ; That's great!

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