Mapping an image to the inside of a sphere

I apologize if this has been covered before but a quick search wasn't yielding any answers or I didn't phrase it properly, so here goes.  I would like to create a starfield image using the tutorial but then map it into a sphere.  What would the dimensions of a panorama for such use be? Thanks in advance to any suggestions. Also, I apologize because I should have mentioned that I am using HF Pro 4 to try this.


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    I'm not sure what you wonna try to create, but it looks like you wan't to use an environment map. Notice, that the stars are flat & only 2d - no parallax here. Did you checkout my tutorial for that?

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  • Thanks, Majahr.  I had not seen your tutorial even though I found that I was already subscribed to your channel.  I was using a similar technique from a different tutorial to create my image starfield.  I was exporting a single frame to use as a map because I could not figure out how to make them not move over the timeline like you did though. Thanks for your tutorial it helped me out.   The idea I had was to create a sphere with a model spaceship inside and the stars wrapped around so that I could swing the camera in sweeping arcs and the stars would be all around it.  There may be a better way to do that though.  

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    Simon Jones has you covered.

    You're looking for the Environment Map Viewer. Dimensions don't matter too much. The effect can scale to any aspect ratio.

  • ...yep, this would do the trick ;-)

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    @Majahr Annoyingly enough I'd written the above reply about 24 hours ago. Then didn't hit send. Long time no see--hope life is treating you well.

  • Oh, thank you, Triem23!   That is exactly the step I was missing out on.  No sphere needed! I had watched the tut on creating the planets but missed the one about ships where they do the starfield with the Environment Map.  Much appreciation to both you and Majahr for your help.

  • @Triem23:

    You're right. I've a lot stuff to do (on my other private hobbies 8-) and currently spent a lot of time to complete a new promo video (in After Effects). I'll try to reproduce some techniques (Motion Graphic) in HitFilm and will create some tutorials about that....only my currently spare time...well....;-))


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