My 1st short film - Baby Who - Grandbaby Gender Reveal video

Here is a link a my first short film made using Hitfilm Pro 4 and an old copy of C4D for some model work (Only because I couldn't get the model animated in Hitfilm like I know it would, but I was too slow to figure out how. Plus, the lighting was hard for me to get like I wanted, too.)

It's not the best, I know.  I had hoped to at least get the CG model work to blend better than a SYFY Channel original and I didn't quite make it, but the daughter was happy with it. 


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    I thought it was fun. :-) 

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    Thank you.

    I'm trying to come up with an idea for my 2nd try, but so far, I'm clueless as to what I want to do. I once wrote a little script for a movie with my first batch of grandkids on an adventure but they have gotten too old to do it now and the new batch are too young! This reveal was for #10.  Besides that script was based around some of their favorite shows at the time and all that's changed too. 

    I would love to do something for that SciFi contest I read about but I work far too slow for that.


  • +1 on being fun!

  • Thank you, too.

    Here is some test footage I shot back in 2005 for that little script I was talking about.  The first shot is what I was able to composite back then using Ultra from Serious magic.  The 2nd was with Hitfilm Pro 4 before I figured out the settings to make the 3D model look more textured which is the last shot. I uploaded it for the VFX class back in February as an example of how much Hitfilm has improved my, play, really.



  • I think Dad/Grandad  has done a fine job :) 

  • Thank you.

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