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Hello! Can anyone give me some tips or advice about color correction? I have a video that has different color scenes. The scenes are not the same color. I attached some photos, so you understand what I mean. I've been trying to figure out the color correction for a while. I been using brightness / contrast but the scenes don't match up. I hope someone can help, 

Excuse the PAUSE faces 


  • To be honest, the colors and contrast already shown don't seem to bad.

    I have a tutorial on white balance here if some of your shots are tinted slightly orange or blue:

    You could use this idea to match the shots together, although its a rather lengthy and tedious process if you are just color correcting:

    Otherwise if you know how to read a histogram, the levels histogram effect could help you. 

    But Color Correction is all about trial and error. The main effects I use for color correction is- Curves, Hue,Saturation & Lightness, Levels Histogram, White Balance, Exposure and Color Correction Wheels. Try playing around with those and see what you can get.

  • Another one you might try is Grading Transfer  I don't think @FilmTech has made a handy Quicktip for it yet so no video but apply it to the clip you want to adjust then set Grading From to the clip you want to match and tweak the brightness and chrominance. 

  • @Aladdin4d Time to play around with it and make a new video ;)

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    @FilmTech Thanks for the information. I going to look at your tutorials and try out the color correction methods. 

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    @Aladdin4d Thank You! I will try out the method. 

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