[Resolved] Has anyone used video copilot star wars pack in hitfilm?

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Hi guys,

Does anyone here know if the video copilot free star wars pack works in hitfilm? It seems like it's obj models but with no conventional materials. Am I doing something wrong or is it just that it's element 3d only?


  • Don't worry, I worked this one out for myself. there is a very small link at the bottom of the star pack page that has jpg image maps. The tie fighter doesn't work though. single material and multiple separate diffuse images. 

  • Yes they work. dont forget to download the "jpg map files"

  • Here is a test I did using them.

    I think it came out pretty well... Although the YouTube likes to dislikes ratio seems to tell me otherwise :P


  • @FilmTech looks like 8 people forgot to download the jpg map files 

    One thing that I don't like, at about 2 seconds in there's a strange glow on the front of the wings of the ship? Looks kinda weird since there's nothing (that we can see) in the scene that would cause that glow... 

    In any case it's pretty good for a test. I don't see why it got so many dislikes

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Wow, that's a strange ratio. Don't get it, since it's a good shot. 

  • Hi @FilmTech,

    Is the rotating text "The force awakens" a boris effect?


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    @FilmTech - I think the only reason some don't like it is because the x-wing is approaching Earth and not Jabbu. No room for Earth in the Star Wars universe. That's what separates 'Trek' from 'Wars'.  ;^)

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    Thanks @FilmTech and @StormyKnight one of those is mine. And I can expect a few dislikes on my Christmas movie this year if that's all it takes to get them. Look out for earth and the moon in a star wars movie. Plus Christmas and time travel. Doctor who, Star Wars cross over anyone? 

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    @DreamArchitect A long time ago and a galaxy far, far away being visited by a man in a TARDIS? Works for me!

    @NXVisualStudio at one point was debating doing a Federation vs Daleks. That would be fun. Tactically difficult--Enterprise can easily take out a Dalek saucer, but how well can it deal with a few thousand Dalek warriors?

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    @NVXVisualStudio ; a Borg/Cyberman Alliance anyone?

    @Triem23 More an excuse for it to be Now in a galaxy quite close ;-)

  • i was made a mini-clip with x-wing. 9 seconds with a stolen internetclip with poor quality.


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    @Triem23 @DreamArchitect This would be so damned cool to do, I have something being released tomorrow on the 29th involving startrek :) to do the battle between the federation and the daleks would take some time but what about a VFX short? I'd have to animate the physics in 3DS Max but would look pretty epic.

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    @NxVisualStudio oh, my dear boy, if you're back up and online, I simply MUST share with you some of the techniques I now have for large scale procedural action... One more needs to be tested...

    Can't wait to see what you drop tomorrow... 

  • @FilmTech how did you get all the letters to rotate at the same time? I only seem to be able to get Boris to rotate on at a time. No doubt I'm missing a crucial step

  • Look at the "overlap" property in Boris. You set the overlap to control how many letters have their animation overlap with each other. Roughly a value of 100 for each letter of overlap. e.g. 1500 if you have 15 letters if memory serves me.

  • @DreamArchitect @NormanPCN I seem to remember there being an easier way of doing it but after about an hour of trying I can't find the control I used. I can't even find my project file. I will update you if I find anything.

  • Ok @NormanPCN I tried the overlap but i didn't know the 100 per letter thing. Will try again.

    Thanks for trying @FilmTech. If you remember let me know 

  • Did anyone ever get a material that would work right for the tie fighter?


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