Bug with Speed effect?

If I take a short section of a 1080p@29.97 action cam clip, make a comp, drop Speed and set it for 0.1 speed (10%), then, say, RAM preview to see how the interpolation looks, the video slows as expected but the end of the comp stays static while the slow motion pushes the shot off the comp timeline.  Is there a way to resize the comp to get the rest of the slowed video out?



  • There is no interpolation, so you'll only see jerky frames anyway. But to solve the other problem: put the clip in its own composite, and apply the speed effect there. Change the properties of the layer to expand to the new length (calculate this as 10x the original length).  This then locks the speed effect in place.

    Then you can drag that new slower composite into your original timeline to replace the original clip and it'll behave as expected, including being able to be cut up, which does not work if you do it to the original clip with speed applied.

    You'll then also have to change the original composites properties to be long enough to include the 10x longer composite.

  • In most cases, I would recommend just right-clicking the clip on the timeline and selecting Speed/Duration, rather than using the speed effect from the Effects panel.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Unless you actually need to RAMP (change from speed X to Y over several frames) instead of CUT to a new speed, you should either follow Axel's suggestion (best choice since you have a specific speed in mind), or use the Rate Stretch tool. 

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    I noticed the Speed/Duration item in the Right-Click menu and it seemed to behave more like I expected, so I used it!  But I tried to figure out how to stretch the layer out in a properties dialog and failed to find it.

    I suppose I could have shrunk the scale of the timeline and tried dragging the end out... to 10x manually.. nahhh. :-)  I gave up and have a totally slow one, with the right click menu.  The intent WAS to ease in and out of a slow mo "dip" but I'm still pretty rough edges, and don't hold it against the software.  But I did think it was a bug, honestly.  Sorry for the mis-report!

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    @MrChris you're not the firat nor will you be the last. The Speed tool is counterintuitive, to say the least. ;-) 

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