HitFilm + Sci-fi adventure pack for Free, save $24.99 (Merged from duplicate threads 8/4/16)

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Just noticed this on Giveaway of the Day:


Do I install that over my existing installed Express 3 to get the Sci Fi Pack activated?


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    It should work this way, yes. It's possible it might require a new Email address/account since it's from a third-party vendor. 

  • That means I would lose my other addon packs I bought?

  • May I please ask a Staff Member to activate Sci-fi adventure pack on my account, so I don't have to install the Give Away of the Day and lose my other purchases?

  • Maybe Staff should visit the free give away comment area and read some of the common struggles people are having to understand HitFilm and the Sci Fi pack.

  • @Yeremyhah well I only installed (or tried to) it because it was there, not because I needed it, as I have the Pro version anyway. But I assume FXHome actually wants to encourage new customers, not give freebies to their existing ones. Or something... I don't know how marketing is supposed to work.

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    Well. In brief, if a third party vendor has a sale, it's not FxHome's responsibility. Right now the actual FxHome sale is everything 15% off. 

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    @Triem23 , Sure, but FXHome is involved somewhere, as an installation Key is generated and they have to provide those. But I found that the version that the vendor is promoting is seen as the same as the one that FXHome gave away before Christmas with the Lightswords only included, so I can't get the rest of the Sci-Fi  set, as it won't prompt me to use the new key. 

    See here: https://hitfilm.com/forum/discussion/38404/some-hf3-express-free-stuff-didnt-show-up

    Having not bought any other Add Ons, I don't know how it works to activate them as I can't find a 'reactivation' option to use this new Key with, so maybe it's all done at the FX End.  The fact I used a different email address for the promotion (to limit where any spam went) might have then stopped that being recognised automatically. Doesn't explain why I have an activation key I can't find a way to use though. The mixture of registry keys (machine?) and online activation (email address?) checks might assume a single email address - and who has only one of those?

    Maybe FXHome actually gave everyone the Sci-Fi set before Christmas, but somehow suppressed several of the elements in it, but either way: it's not clear what's going on.

    This sort of thing confuses and might discourage customers. I'm not one for this, as I have the Pro version anyway and just thought I'd check it out, but others who don't might find a similar problem (if it's not just me using two email addresses that's thrown it)

  • Would it not make sense to contact the staff directly or the company where you purchased the package? 

  • If you're having trouble activating the GiveAway version (which might happen if you already have Express), send Misty a message via our support system and she'll sort it out: http://hitfilm.com/questions/submit

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    They are now giving away HitFilm 4 Express + Sci-fi adventure pack:


  • @Yeremyah Haha beat me to it, I was just about to post that :D

  • Nice spot guys! It is indeed a 24 hour giveaway, so get it while you can :)

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    Heck, I shared that out to the Hitfilm Editor's group on Facebook as well.

  • I've posted a note on the Future Learn up coming VFX course for anyone thinking of downloading the software.

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    i redeemed my give away but when i put the code into the download redemption thing it says code invalid, i never used it, do i have to make a whole new hit film account?


  •  i got a download key but when every i try to redeem it it says code invalid, help! i dont wanna miss the give away

  • that was the second account i made 

  • Triem23 did it work for you? i couldnt seem to get it

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Yamaan93 I didn't try. I already have Pro, and I don't want Add-ons on my Express. 

  • @yamaanbakir @yamaan93 the serial codes should be provided by Giveaway of the Day. If you have received a serial code from them, and it is not working, please contact Support, and include:

    • The serial code
    • The specific error message you are getting
    • Ideally a screenshot of the error
  • Some people are really struggling with the GiveAwayoftheDay, lots of comments about it on their website, so I posted a comment pointing them to this forum if they needed help.

  • Thanks @Yeremyah, that's really helpful - we're catching as many as we can.

  • You're welcome @KirstieT :)

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