Sin City effects! Help!!!

Hello guys! I am doing a film noir short and I need some help. I want to know if hitfilm can do the one-colour-effect ( and the total-black-and-white Sin City-effect ( and if I want to know how to do it!


  • I'm sure there is a preset for that effect,if not you should be able to sort it out with the layer system....not much help but I personlly have'nt used HF for that effect.
    Sin City is a favourite of mine so I wish you good luck with your project and look forward to seeing it.

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    Yes, HitFilm can do the one-color effect, yes, it can do black and white, and yes, you want to know how.
    The Leave Color effect in the Colors folder is specifically for converting the footage to black and white, but leaving one color behind (whichever color you choose). You could also get good results by using a Key to choose the color you want, and some masks to make sure it isn't appearing anywhere else in the frame.
    Threshold black and white can be achieved with a Levels adjustment, by dragging both ends in toward the middle until they run into each other. How much is black or white can be controlled by the the position where they meet. Crush Blacks & Whites could be used similarly.
    Keep in mind that both of these techniques require that the footage be shot very carefully, and that you set up your shots and light each scene with the final effects in mind, in order to get optimal results.
  • Great Axel, thank you very much! :-)
  • Hey Axel,

    I realize this chat was from a while ago, probably around Hitfilm 2 or 3 days. I am currently working with Hitfilm 4 express to try and achieve this effect. I noticed in your comment you mentioned  the  "Leave color effect"  and while that seems to be exactly what I'm looking for, I'm not seeing it in Hitfilm 4. Was this effect removed or is it only available in the full version?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    "Leave Color" is in the "Starter Kit" add-on in the Express Store:

    Along with this other stuff for about $10:

    3D extrusion
    Turn flat, 2D images and titles into 3D shapes.
    Color correction wheels
    Easily fine tune the highlights, midtones and shadows of your video with this perfect grading companion.
    Improve your audio.
    Adjust the overall brightness of your video.
    Apply customizable flickering - perfect when combined with the Pro light flares pack.
    Half tone color
    Generates a speckled half tone image, similar to old newspaper and comic book printing.
    Leave color
    Turns your video black and white except for a single color - perfect for Sin City and Pleasantville-style visuals.
    Scan lines
    Authentic interference as seen on old, low resolution monitors.
    Split screen masking
    Quickly create stylish picture-in-picture and split screen effects.
    2D presets
    Includes 6 grading presets: Desert intensity, Hard cool, Mild warmth, Nuclear sun, Only skin, Sci-fi teal blue.
  • @JakeGoetz I'd really like to know if this did what you wanted, not got time myself to play but let us know. Ta

  • @JakeGoetz Otherwise you could always go into Hue, Saturation and Lightness and turn down every color but the one you want left behind, it should have a similar effect if not the exact same... Maybe just not as precise.

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