Can I pay for training on HitFilm 4 Pro? (Resolved)

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Wondering if there are reputable firms selling fairly comprehensive training on how to, and when best to, use the various features and capabilities of HF4Pro.  Realising there are many ways to do most things, a solid main use-case approach would provide competence to achieve outcomes, and then prepare the creative person for getting jiggy wit it so to speak, for the awesome to come out.

Has this been done or is there a known list of training resources for someone who would like a structured and fairly comprehensive learning experience?



  • Perhaps you could start here?

    Covers Hitfilm 3 Pro, but after that you'll feel comfortable exploring the extra features - if they're not already covered in other tutorials.

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    There are free courses on the internet on the basics from FutureLearn in collab. with FXHome Staff, and they run a very highly rated and well received YouTube channel from beginner to advanced techniques:

    With that said, I have yet to see an issue with either 4 Express or 4 Pro that haven't been solved by the community or Staff members on forums related to a technique to achieve X outcome.

    If there was a way to join the previous futureLearn course, I would definitely do that as well.  Here's the upcoming course below:

    Here's the next FutureLearn course starting August 8th:

    • FREE online course
    • Duration: 4 weeks
    • 4 hours pw
    • Certificates available

    Definitely sign up for that!

    @Palacono is one of our HitFilm wizards. :p

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    The Lynda course is excellent. There's a ton of tutorials online, although those are at the moment a little hard to do as a coherent course. 

  • Hmmm...I refute that I'm a Wizard of any sort. But, I've read a lot of responses from actual wizards on here and can regurgitate some of it on occasion.  ;)

  • Thanks guys.  I've been working through the tutes -- very cool each one, but yes, disjointed and sometimes I cannot benefit fully from one that's ahead of me, but also cannot string them in order.  But I'll get there. :-)

    The Lynda courses I have brushed up against trying to find tips online; seemed very Adobe focused but I'll look at the pro 3 one; and have checked that 4 week 16 hrs one on the surface, need to get deeper into the syllabus so to speak.   Will do one or both of those depending.  @Kevin: what do you mean the previous one?  Is there a HF specific one every so often?

    Already subscribed to the YouTube feed.  And try to watch in a series for the max YouTube score hehe...

    Thanks again, will come back if any "ah ha" moments or other useful commentary floats to the surface of my mindbowl.

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    @MrChris yes, there's a prior "Vfx for Guerilla Fimmakers" course of Futurelearn. You should be able to find it. It's excellent for beginners covering basics of motion tracking, greenscreen, masking, color correction and 2D/3D compositing with some well-chosen example projects. 

    It really covers a lot of essentials. 

  • @MrChris I'm fairly certain the upcoming futureLearn course on Hitfilm is a re-run of the previous futureLearn Hitfilm course, so it should be pretty much the same.

    It's good for beginners, but it's pretty basic and focuses more on the general techniques (masking, tracking, green screen etc) than the software itself. It does have some interesting background info, but if you already know the basics it's maybe not what you're looking for.

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     They do have AxelWilkinson as the product expert for HitFilm not only Simon this time, so it might be a different course. Don't really see it being the same, considering you can just take the course again whenever you want to.

    The FutureLearn courses with the FXHome Staff are using HitFilm as the main software in the course. This one will be, and last one was too.

  • @KevinTheFilmmaker ;

    FutureLearn's approach seems to be to run courses for a few weeks, then close the course to anyone who didn't already sign up. So you can re-take the old one, but you can't join it after it has ended.

    I have tried a few courses on the FutureLearn website, and they all share this approach. 


    Rather than being a resource that is open for anyone at any time, they prefer to be a course which runs once, with everyone learning the material at more-or-less the same time. (give or take a couple of weeks)

    Since this excludes everyone who didn't sign up during the original course, they have opted to run the course again. 

    Note that the course that starts on the 8th of August is titled "Visual Effects for Guerrilla Filmmakers". The previous hitfilm course was also titled "Visual Effects for Guerrilla Filmmakers". The course description is also the same (as far as I can remember). 

    Simon is no longer FXHome staff, so the fact that he is listed there suggests to me that they will re-use Simon's videos, but get Axel to answer people's questions.

    It is possible that I'm wrong about this, but I don't think so

    Sorry if I seem too pedantic 

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    Not at all. At first I assumed it was a "rerun," but it was seeing. Axel as a presenter that made me sign up, assuming it was at least partially new material. 

    We could, um, ASK @AxelWilkinson ;

  • I took the original VFX for Filmakers course, and I thought it was excellent.  Here is the link for the new course for those who are interested!

  • The upcoming FutureLearn course is largely a rerun of the previous course, yes. There are some changes to it, some of the interviews are with different experts this time around, and some details have been adjusted or improved based on how things went last time, but the core of the course is the same material. I'll be taking over Simon's role in terms of answering questions and providing feedback, but Simon will still be there in video form, explaining the specifics of the HitFilm sections.

  • Thanks for the explanations and additional info.  I'm advanced-imagination, ADHD-ish (Squirrel!!), and somewhat software-overwhelmed getting into a world where I wanted to do more without paying 50-something per month just to get the real toys to play with if that makes sense.

    So I'm probably going to benefit from the newbie stuff in a different, orthagonal way, which is cool.  And plus I'm a big Axel fan from the tutorials already. :-)

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    Oh, this thread is now out of date, but it lists most tutorials available up till last fall in a slightly more organized list form:

    My hope is to shortly replace the above-linked thread with an updated version that contains every damn Hitfilm tutorial out there. 

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    @Triem23 ;

    "My hope is to shortly replace the above-linked thread with an updated version that contains every damn Hitfilm tutorial out there. "

    I predict that within 5 minutes after you replace that thread @FilmTech will post two new quick tips ;)

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    Once I compile the bastard, I will 1) Actively recruit the good people who make tutorials to message me here with the title baked into a hyperlink and the tags for the list. This is good for them, since it makes sure I don't miss something so it gets on the list, and it's good for me because that makes updates easier, since proper formatting will make updates just doing copy/paste. With a touch of teamwork this can be pretty easy to maintain, and we'll get a good resource out of it. 

    2) *Updated monthly*and FilmTech can put out a whole season. 

  • Perhaps organise it into "chapters" that generally progress form zero to hero, then people can upload their additions to a chapter, which will autoclassify it to a large extent, with some editorialising from the editor(s) -- even post-release if desired.

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