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This thread will be updated whenever there is a new submission on the Preset Marketplace, which is live now.

If you've got a helpful effects preset/composite shot/project file you'd like to share with the community, please email me the following:

  1. Your name (what you'd like to be credited as)
  2. Preset title and short description
  3. Thumbnail (512x512px)
  4. Compatibility with HitFilm versions
  5. Send this information as well as your file to

I'm hoping this can turn out to be something really useful, thank you!



  • New on the Marketplace:

    • Ocean - a moving water texture created with Fractal Noise and Caustics. Compatible with HitFilm 3+ Express and 3+ Pro.
    • Madness Color Grade - bleached, grainy, glowy, just like Man of Steel. Compatible with HitFilm 3+a Express and 3+ Pro.
    • Embers - slow and fast sparks floating across the screen. Compatible with HitFilm 3+a Express and 3+ Pro.
    • Rolling Smoke - gently moving background smoke, good for title sequences. Compatible with HitFilm 3+a Express and 3+ Pro.
    • Ragged Lightsword - lightsword effect with lightning for a hazardous look. Comes with both Preset and Composite Shot. Compatible with HitFilm 3+a Express and 3+ Pro.
    • FilmTech Color Grade packsa variety of LUTs and grading presets for HitFilm 3 Express and Pro. Also includes a shockwave pack.
    • Radiance Lens Flare Preset Pack - my previous product, 10 light flare presets ready to use in HitFilm. Compatible with HitFilm 3+a Express and 3+ Pro.


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    Submission now live from Shattered Prism Studios:

    • Proton Stream - Who you gonna call? Useful for fighting off the paranormal. Compatible with HitFilm 3+a Express and 3+ Pro.
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    Hey there. Is it possible to make it so that the thumbnails points you to a video showcasing the effect, rather than instantly downloading the .zip file, if you have that by default in your browser?

    Also, sorry for the clutter my question/answer may cause.

  • That is a pro feature of the gallery plugin I'm using, which I'm willing to buy later on if the Marketplace is successful.

  • Now available:

    • Sci-Fi Battle by Wurminator - A bullet barrage of sci-fi energy shots for a futuristic battlefield. Compatible with HitFilm 4+a Express and 4+ Pro.
    • Stars by inScape DigitalQuick and easy starry background. Compatible with HitFilm 3+ Express and 3+ Pro.
  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Hehe--I need to go through my old projects and really separate out a few things to get my first couple of preset packages ready for upload. I'm pretty sure the first one is going to be a Particle Explosions pack. I think I'll need to put HF2U back on my machine so the explosions that go back that far can be properly saved out for earlier versions. Second pack will be some lower thirds... Again, wanting to pull from projects going back to HF2U. THEN some more weapons blasts, and, again, some going back to HF2U.

    Nice seeing other users sharing as well. I think this iteration of a preset sharing site is going to work out better than the one Majahr started with Hitfilm 1. Larger user base for one thing.

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    Thanks a lot for making this @inScapeDigital

    And to the other users who contribute ,really appreciate it~

    Maybe I could also one day ,but I have yet to own a copy

     Nice to see you  put out of how to do it as well, 

    Also yeah the previews would be nice, and will push more people , as I a new visitor would like to see what I'm getting ,sorry about the cost , : <

    But I can see how that could only do good than harm ~

    Again thanks ~ I'm still new -ish to HF but this is really cool and I see this going somewhere  

  • Just added:

    • First-Person Gas Mask by Wurminator - For all your post-apocalyptic desires! Compatible with HitFilm 4+a Express and 4+ Pro.
    • Polar Spectrum by FilmTech - Vibrant audio spectrum effects for graphic design. Compatible with HitFilm 3+a Express and 3+ Pro.
    • Better GoPro by FilmTech - Dewarps and color corrects your GoPro footage. Best use with GoPro Hero 3. Compatible with HitFilm 4 Pro.
  • Might it be possible to put the text over the thumbnail permanently?

    It looks cool'n'all with the text sliding up when you hover over it, but it'll get hard to find things like that when there are more presets.

    Also: could there be a search order filter? Alphabetical and Latest would be useful starts. Later on, filtering by HF3 only, HF4 only, Express(es) only, with/without addons etc. might be appropriate?

    And you said movies require a site upgrade, but how about animated GIFs? 5-6 frames would be enough to show the effect in motion - if it has any.

  • @Palacono When I was setting the gallery up I went back and forth on whether or not I should have the text be there the whole time. I decided on the way it is now so that the thumbnail could shine through, but I'd be willing to change it if it helps visibility. 

    I don't believe a sort is available in either the free or pro version. I'll try uploading a GIF when I get home.

  • The reason I ask is that  just searching for one I wanted to try meant I had to hover over them all because the thumbnail didn't jump out at me so much.  It was the GoPro one, BTW.

    I know it doesn't look like the others, but as several of the others looked fairly familiar, I got particle / glow / blob blindness and couldn't see the wood for the trees. 

    Perhaps a stripe/colour thing for categories too? like Grades, Particle effects, Other stuff I'm sure you'll think of?

  • New:

    • Atomic Particles Text Transition by Jay Haynes - Particle transition between two text layers. Compatible with HitFilm 4+a Express and 4+ Pro.
  • I like the text on the Thumbnails :)

    I now have another teeny suggestion - I love what you're doing BTW, not meaning to be critical, just...ummm... helpful? :)

    Standard filenames for the downloads?,,

    I keep everything I've ever downloaded, because it's useful to have, and filenames that aren't unique or descriptive get lost easily. Even if I expand the Zips into a folder called Presets, the folders within would just be named after the Zips.

    Yes, I could rename the Zip file before I extract it, but...I'm lazy. ;)

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    @inScapeDigital ;
    very cool, thanks for taking the suggestions, like the site updates, *pats on the back* Good Job XD

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Palacono with crowdsourced content I think you'll have to rename the zip files yourself. ;-) 

  • You want me to do some work after I've been given this free thing that someone put a lot of effort into making ....!? That's completely unacceptable and I resent you even sugge...oh, alright then. :D

  • Just released a Chromatic Aberration preset and project file, as well as a tutorial on how to use them:

  • Awwwe, you said you were going to set the feather strength to 250 but only went to 100.  :^(  It's still a most excellent tutorial though! 3 thumbs up!!!

  •  Wow, excellent.  This is the first time that I am considering ADDING  CA to an image.

  • Oh wow thanks for this! I have been trying to achieve this effect for one of my shots in my new short film. Now I can!

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    Just added:

    • Simple Starfield Lower Third by Aladdin4D -  Compatible with HitFilm 3+a Express and 3+ Pro.
  • New:

    • Hand Wiggle by Ledermarton - Quickly add a handheld look to your footage. Comes with 2 presets. Compatible with HitFilm 4+ Express and 4+ Pro.
  • Great idea inScapeDigital

    Thanks for setting this up and thanks for the free lens dirt files. Still learning Hitfilm but i be sure to send any presets i make

  • Thanks @Digital_Alchemist!


    • Dust by FilmTech - Adds a dusty particle overlay to your footage. Compatible with HitFilm 4+a Express and 4+ Pro.
    • Andrew Kramer(ish) Star by Triem Visual - A procedural star based off a method developed by Andrew Kramer at Video Copilot. Compatible with HitFilm 2 Ultimate and HitFilm 3+ Pro.
  • 2 new ones today:

    • Fireworks by Ledermarton - Quick fireworks display. Compatible with HitFilm 4+a Express and HitFilm 4+ Pro.
    • 3D Slideshow by Triem Visual - A slideshow for 10 pictures. Compatible with HitFilm 2 Ultimate and HitFilm 3+ Pro.
  • 2 more: 

    • Shatter Explode by Ledermarton - Blow up your media with ease. Compatible with HitFilm 4+a Express and HitFilm 4+ Pro.
    • Lower Thirds by Triem Visual - 3D translucent ribbon and rippling texture, set of 2. Compatible with HitFilm 2 Ultimate and HitFilm 3+ Pro.
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    Blog post on coming up with ideas for presets:

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    • Pirates of the Caribbean Text by inScape Digital - Metallic, grungy text inspired by the film. Compatible with HitFilm 4+a Express and HitFilm 4+ Pro
    • Glitchy Title by Roem Daug - Title resembling glitchy computer screen. Compatible with HitFilm 4+a Express and HitFilm 4+ Pro.
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