Split screen masking preset

I saw a split screen masking tutorial and thought, OH GOODIE!

Dayam. That's messed up. And I cannae find a tootorial, Ceptin.

And it's getting late....

Any suggestions? Just mask it out manually? I am doing a mask for the green screen etc anyway, so that may be the quicker option...


  • er split screen preset - not tutorial. Canna edit ma post, Ceptin.

  • Split Screen Masking is in the Generate folder. When you forget where exactly you spotted an effect or preset, the search field at the top of the Effects panel is super handy. 

  • The problem is not in finding the preset, searching is obvious to a programmer.

    What is not obvious is wtf is going on with said preset :D

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    I can find the preset no worries. No tutorials for it though. None that I can find at any rate. Pointers more than welcome.

    Anyway I think I fudged something up manually.

  • Well, split screen masking is a relatively new effect and not one that has been getting much attention until now. Basically, it creates a split screen, as the title says, by arranging different sources into a predefined pattern. And when I say "different", I mean "different once you set them up", because (which confused me at first, too) when you just plug that effect onto any layer, the source for all segments will be the current layer, so it creates more of a prism-effect rather than a split screen. You can then dial in a different layer to use for each segment, which should get you going.

  • While I've not had a practical use for it yet, it's actually one of my favourite effects (having been in the plugins collection since before HF3). For quick and easy split screen stuff, it's great, and makes setting up a layout pretty easy, without having to faff about with masks and transformation.

  • I cut the split screen scene entirely, so I will have plenty of time to return to the preset and its workings in due course.

  • Am I missing something... I have Hitfilm3 Express. I look under the effects/Generate folder and there is no split screen masking preset tab... Is it in one of the add on packs that you need to purchase?? or do I need the Pro version?




  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @ChuckBEdwards, it's in the Starter Pack. 

    Split Screen masking is a pretty good tool, but, bear in mind you can make all the Split Screens you can image with masks, transformations and Set Matte. Split Screen does make a lot of common setups faster and easier, however. 

    That said, the Starter Pack really is a great value. Extrusion and Color Wheels are indispensable, Flicker and Scan Lines are useful for Star Wars holograms, and it's on sale. 

  • First Tutorial,  Hope it helps, Might do more and get better if people like



  • Thank You, MarkStar!

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