PCAdvisor recommends Hitfilm as a better value software


I was browing my local WHSmiths (newsagents) and my eyes came to rest looking at the cover of PCAdvisor (a uk light wieght monthly PC mag) that proclaimed 10 pieces of software that you don't need to spend money on. The article basicly was about software (like Nero DVD burner) that charges a lot of £££ $$$ for basicly something that you can do for free with other software. For the video editing software they advised that although Windows Movie Maker (arrhh those were the days) would still run in Windows 10 it was no longer supported, so the alternative was Hitfilm Express 3 (oh and Blender). So Hitfilm marketing clearly you have a fan over at Pc Advisor, maybe an opening for an article on the new Hitfilm Express 4!


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    Nice! We popped up on their 'top free video editing software' list recently online, as well as TechRadar's. It all helps!

  • @SimonKJones yep all good, although my prompt was to bring them up to speed that Hitfilm 3 has been superseded with a new cooler version Hitfilm 4 Express and Pro. 

  • Hey @Andy001z so far we've been unable to get hold of them to say HitFilm 4 Express is out but we are continually trying!
    If you fancy leaving them a comment or prompting them, I'm sure that wouldn't hurt. 

  • I'll try and contact the person who wrote the article

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