Why is it so complicated to get the download link to FREE HitFilm4 Express? Still can't find it.

Why is it so complicated to get the download link to HitFilm4 Express? Still can't find it. If you guys really wanted to offer it free to the public, the public shouldn't have to jump through hoops.

Could you guys not have simply made this as easy as possible and simply posted the "download" link directly on your website to the free product? I've already registered and received an activation email but without a serial code. Yes, I also logged into my "account" here on the website looking for a serial, but there is still no serial code even though a "serial code" is required to proceed with the download.  Basically I'm stuck, registered with this website, with no product to show for unfortunately.

It should have been pretty simple.  Giving things away from free shouldn't be a complicated process:

(1) Don't need to register.

(2) Download link under a "Downloads" tab

(3) Click download and save it to your desktop.

(4) Click on downloaded icon, and run setup.

(5) Setup/installation complete. Fired up the program.

It should have been as easy as this.


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    Also there is an alternative download way from software update page, which is quite hard to find from Hitfilm website. The best thing is that no registration is required in order to download it, but you need to register in Hitfilm website to get the free serial key.


    And information about latest versions:


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    If you follow the 'Get HitFilm 4 Express free' link at the bottom of the Express pages (for example at https://hitfilm.com/express/heads-up) it should be very easy. You simply put in your details, download it, then enter your details to activate. You don't need to use a serial code at any point.

    What process did you initially use to get the software?

  • And for the record



    These only work properly if you're logged in.

  • Appreciate the link AlreadyTaken. You should work for Hitfilm.com considering your immediate post made things exactly how it should have been from the get go -- free and easy to retrieve.

    I'm always weary about "installers." Is there a particular reason why the program couldn't have simply been a standard downloadable file minus installer? I'm not the most computer savvy, so any explanation would be appreciative.

  • @SimonKJones, that's actually what I did initially. The very first steps taken. However, it prompted the following message with no visible download link:


    "This is not a demo. We are giving you professional-quality video editing and effects software for FREE. Ready when you are!

    To get your copy of HitFilm 4 Express, tell your friends:

    For Mac OSX 10.9+ and Windows 7+. 64-bit only.
    View system requirements »
    Technical specs »"

    Want to equip your whole school for free? Contact us »



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    Without an installer, your operating system don't know what to do with the file.

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    Since when is any software a file without an installer? Most exe or msi downloads are installers, and over 95% of all software uses some sort of installer because of installing common files to Windows (ok, so I overstaded "any"). The only two things I can think of that don't need installers are Blender and Fontlister.

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    @strawberryshortcake0 Thanks, it just happened that I found a question, which I had a reply, because I already knew the answer.

  • @KevinTheFilmmaker and @Triem23, my apologies. That makes sense. I guess I had the definition of "installer" mixed up with something found along the lines of what's Cnet or Softsonic offers; Users claim those have associated viruses or something. My concerns was really aimed at those type of "installer."

    Seeing the completed downloaded HitFilm installer gives me reassurance that this is safe and good to go. Thanks. Appreciative.

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    @strawberryshortcake0  - ah, it sounds like you've got an AdBlocker in your browser, which removed some of the key functionality of the web page and therefore made the process considerably more confusing! Unfortunately we don't have any control over what 3rd party plugins do to webpages, and if they remove some parts it's difficult to then provide a smooth experience.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Oh, yeah @strawberryshortcake0 the few companies that need to junk up an installer with spyware make everyone distrustful. But, with things like C/Net and Softonic they're also asking you to install an installer....

    Sorry you had issues with the install--I think this is why @SimonKJones has been asking where the installer came from, because current versions of the software should ask you to input the email you used to download the installer with every time you open the software, until it's activated. The stated goal of the Hitfilm team is to not have you NEED your serial.

    For those wondering, partial reasons for needing to make an account to install--well, first, you get to post here. We're a cool community. However, other benefits include always being able to find the latest installer on the site and manage your activation. Let's say your PC just fries for whatever reason. You can come on here and register your Hitfilm as deactivated so you can reinstall on the replacement machine. Also, for upgrade paths--you won't see an "upgrade path" listed for Express to Pro because any Express add-ons you buy are discounted from the purchase price of Pro--so, with all the combinations of Add-On packs, there's hundreds, if not thousands of "Upgrade Paths."

    And, then there's the marketing stuff, of course, but FxHome isn't bad about it. Maybe once a year they do a comprehensive survey to get feedback. You'll get new product announcments, and, around Xmas you'll get sales--but it's not like some other sites sending out three ads a day....

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