HitFilm 4 Express error cant edit (Resolved)

When ever i load up hitfilm when i press New to make a new project and i set ecerything up if i press start editing or start compositing no matter what is always says Hitfilm 4 express has encountered a problem and has to exit. the only thing i can do is to send a crash repot or don't send. i checked and everything should be up to date on my computer.


  • I'm having the same problem. I was so excited to get HF4E that I uninstalled 3 without looking through the forum to see if someone had something to say about it. Please fix this HitFilm crew.

  • i know other people have had this problem and i am above the requirements for my comp which is HD radeon 5000 mine is HD radeon 5700 and everything else should be good for me. i sent multiple reports to them

  • Computer specs


    Files you're working with


    Mediainfo report would be best: https://mediaarea.net/sv/MediaInfo

    Make sure GPU drivers are up to date.


    Staff don't work on weekends, also, sending multiple support tickets slows it down, so don't do that.

  • where do i find all that stuff @KevinTheFilmmaker

  • Windows?

    Press the Windows key + R on your keyboard, in the search box that pops up, type in dxdiag, press enter. It'll open a window which tells you what CPU you have, RAM, OS and in the Display tab it tells you your graphics adapter.

    What you're describing happens when your PC is under spec to run the program.

  • CPU: intel core i7
    GPU: what is it called in dxdiag
    OS:what is it called in dxdiag

    Container:what are these 2 things codec and container?

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    intel core i7

    8192MB RAM

    ATI Radeon HD 5700 series

    windows 7 64 bit

    is this all you need?

  • I'm having the same problem, can someone please help?

    CPU: Intel-Core i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10 GHz

    GPU: Not applicable.

    RAM: 8.00 GB (7.88 GB usable)

    OS: 10586.318

  • Your GPU looks to be below minimum requirements. HD 4000 is minimum.


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Crackerz as Norman states above, your machine is under minimum specs for Hitfilm. 

  • AdyAdy Staff

    kingchessgaming - The thread is quite old now, but from the report you sent, your drivers for your AMD GPU are out of date, please update them as they are currently from  4/20/2011.

    Crackerz - As confirmed above, your system doesn't appear to meet the minimum specifications for the software. If you feel this is in error, please contact support here and provide them with a dxdiag report.

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