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So with Quicktime being vulnerable to windows, I no longer have it installed. What I'm wondering is, what is the best, largest file that I can convert my mov. videos to that hitfilm will import without the help of Quicktime?


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    If they come from a camera, then rename them to .mp4, and that'll work just fine.

    I still use QuickTime, as well as DNxHD, Though there's of course other intermediate codecs to choose from.


  • Thanks! Didn't realize it would be something simple like that. So nothing is changed to the video? Just a rename and it's good as the original?

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    @Brain132 - If you can do without QuickTime, due to the security risk, uninstalling it is a no-brainer. As a second best, just uninstall the QuickTime player (quicktimeplayer.exe) and leave the codecs installed - the vulnerabilities only apply to the player - see .

    As @KevinTheFilmmaker says, most .mov files created by cameras (such Canon DSLRs) are just MP4 files in a QuickTime wrapper so renaming them with a .mp4 extension usually works fine. In fact, HitFilm seems to handle the renamed files better as there seems to be a significant overhead caused by the QuickTime engine regarding mp4 files.

    While mp4 files work fine in HitFilm, if you are editing at a high resolution such as 1080p, things can soon get very sluggish unless you are using a highly specified computer. That's where Kevin's reference to an intermediate format comes in. The idea is that you convert your highly compressed (e.g., mp4) camera files to a format that is optimised for editing to avoid stuttering and glitches. I used to use DNxHD, but as it's reliant on QuickTime, I've now switched to Cineform, which is just as good if not better. It's available for free - just download and install GoPro Studio (it's free, you don't need to own a GoPro camera) and the Cineform codecs will be available to other video software on your system, including HitFilm.

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    I've already uninstalled Quicktime, so it's a bit late for me to hold onto the codecs. Probably be a bad idea to reinstall it.

    My issue isn't really video size, so I'm not worried about converting to something more manageable. I guess I'll just have to go through all of my footage and rename the .mov files to .mp4. Annoying, but it'll work.

  • QuickTime is required for .mov, and if you convert them to DNxHD codec the container is still going to be .mov.

    I think that you're a bit paranoid about QuickTime, I say use it! :D

  • Okay, I reinstalled Quicktime and disabled the player. And now hitfilm can read my .mov files! Thanks.

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