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Hey all! My name's Aaron Dewberry and I've lurked in these forums for a while now and have finally decided to pop out of the shadows. Like a creepy stalker! Yay stalkers!

Anyway I'm a filmmaker and I'm in love with the HitFilm software. So I've decided to create a channel making films that show off HitFilm's capabilities. I'll be making "Express Fx" videos that show off the potential of what one can do using HitFilm Express. These vids will be heavily influenced by Seth Worely's FTX work over at Red Giant Films. When I save enough I'll purchase HitFilm 4 Pro and make longer films using that software. 

Anyway here's the first vid, "Getting Hammered."

Let me know what I need to improve on in this video and as a filmmaker overall and thanks for watching!


  • Stargazer54Stargazer54 Moderator
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    Pretty funny!  Nice job.

    Could use a little grading, though.   The overall image looks washed out (or was that the intent?).  Maybe crush the blacks and bring  color saturation up a little?

  • I laughed, nice one! :D

  • @Stargazer54 Thanks! And man did I have a terrible time trying to get the colors  right for this lol. I eventually did settle on this washed out look, though I do agree it could use a bit more saturation.

    @KevinTheFilmmaker Thank you! I was basically filming in this open spot where all the neighbors could see me, so I thank God I was able to do that last scene in one shot haha!

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    LOL- Oops! Agree with the saturation- otherwise it's a nice solid short......not shorts......short.  Although if your shorts are solid they need a washing!!!!

  • @StormyKnight Ewww haha! I unfortunately know people who choose to wash their shorts after an unnecessarily long period of days. But that's a story for another time. And that time being never lol. And yeah, I'm looking at the footage again and it would look better with some saturation. Gonna keep that in mind while grading the next short. Thank you!

  • Great job, nice use of the effects. That final scene looked like you were on a green screen, were you?


  • @Andy001z Thank you! And no, no green screen was used in this. I considered it actually but decided against it.

  • Thanks for sharing your work @RocketDigitalFilms. Great job!

    I look forward seeing what magic appears at Express Fx

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator
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    Nicely done! Good camera angles, nice pacing, funny joke, and appropriately over the top sound effects. I particularly liked how you matched DoF on the shot rising from behind the hammer. 

    Only critique--I think some spill light from the electricity on the hammer and ground would take it over the top. This would just be using grade layers with soft masks (and a little roto on the one shot) and the color correction of your choice to brighten up areas that would be lit. 

    Oh, and maybe the classic cat yowl after tossing the hammer? Toss *woosh* *clank**meooOOW!*


  • @GrayMotion Well thank you for taking the time to watch it! More should be on their way next week :D

    @Triem23 Oh my goosh... having spill from the electricity would've been perfect! That scene in particular needed more but for some reason I couldn't figure out what that "more" was. That would've looked a lot better lol. And yeah, I actually played out the cat sound in my head when reading this haha. That would've added to the humor a bit. Thanks for the ideas and for watching as well, much appreciated!

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    Great work, tho I can do way better


  •  Thanks for the constructive comment @yoyonas33. I feel like I've grown as a filmmaker having read it. Lol no but really, sarcasm aside, what would u have done better? I'm here to learn so any advice would be appreciated :D Thanks for watching too!

  • So I created a Pokemon Go PSA. Wondering if I could get some feedback to help me with my filmmaking skills overall :)

  • LOLOL- Look at this stupid buffoon......LOLOLOL!!!!!!

    The only things I could suggest is maybe remove a few frames here and there so the video isn't quite so flowing and add some grain so it looks like old film rather than digitally recorded/produced.

    Good job on the effects. The first dude really looked like he got hit by a fast moving car!

    So, this cat lover  likes the video quite well!

  • @StormyKnight

    Dang, the removing of frames is a great idea. Should've thought of that! And I'm sorry, I must stay loyal to dogs :p but thank you for the comments! 

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

     Cat lover--still a good joke. A pissed off cat flying from a Pokeball has a good 100CP from rear claws alone! 

    Great '40's newreal voice! 

    Great car hit! 

    Great Pickachu lightning! Otherwise, I aagree with Stormy.. Guess what? Cutting a few frames to get the effect of old, spliced film cuts the audio as well! 

    You have the option of deleting the current version and re-editing. Those frame cuts could be done on your current master output in a new project. 

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    Pops and clicks added for sound FX- especially at the 'skips' in video.

    If you cut frames out it doesn't necessarily mean you have to cut at a point with audio- but if done right when cutting vid & audio together- the viewer will figure out what piece of word they missed.

    The beautiful thing about today's editors is you can undo any changes you don't like right away; so testing various things can go quickly.

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