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  • @AxelWilkinson do you know what camera/lens Kirsty headshot was filmed on, certainly a nice clean image (or looks that way to me).

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Andy001z check out the BTS videos on the Hitfilm YouTube page. There's a good discussion of lighting, and they show the RED they shot with. And the jib. 

    That was a classic jib shot. It's my favorite shot in the whole thing. @SimonKJones what is the worst thing you guys have caught @KirstieT and would it involve pyro elements? 

  • Hey guys and gals,

    For as long as I've been part of the Hitfilm family,  I've been wanting a more realistic Iron man HUD effect with depth but couldn't quite pull it off. The closest thing to the Actual effect was from a very talented guy who created this effect on blender.... now, we have it on hitfilm so, thank you and great job.


  • @Andy001z

    Making some fast sums purchasing the features I need cost me almost the same than upgrading to 4P.

    Will wait a bit more till the needs justify the investment.

  • Hey Guys, great tutorial 1 and 2 on the Iron Man HUD, Simon was asking for ideas and I got to thinking that as the shot  of Kirsty clearly shows her eyes, therefore could the HUD be reflected in her eyes? Can this be done in Hitfilm tutorial? Keep up the great work.

    Regards Lee

  • Thank you for 4Express.

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    @Mr_Navigator funnily enough, @Majahr has already posted a brief concept for doing reflections:


  • Do you guys ever intend to release 3D model compatibility as a free feature? I’ve tried Blender but it has quite a steep learning curve and an unfriendly UI, and I know HitFilm has a much better interface for this stuff. Just wondering since I’m too stingy to buy Pro anytime soon :). If you are, I’m looking forwards to it!



  • I have scaling problems... my FHD screen is not enough wenn windows is scaled to 150%, so unusable for me right now...

    can you guys maybe tell us when this is fixed so i can download a working version??

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    i just got into HitFilm 4 Express and i'm getting stuttering issues in the preview and i wanted to know if its my specs or some other problem. I just imported one 8 second clip without any effects. Is my lap top good enough?

    Laptop: Dell 7559

    CPU: i5 quad core 2.3 (up to 3.2 )

    GPU: Nvidia GForce GTX 960m (4 GB v RAM)

    RAM: 8GB DDR3


    OS: Windows 10 (64 bit)

    Ive already made sure that Nvidia is running HitFilm and not Intel Integrated Graphics. (at least i think)

  • Running normal so far for me.

  • SimonKJonesSimonKJones Moderator

    @kairocks2002 no plans right now - 3D model features are exclusive to Pro now. I should also point out that Blender is a full modeller, so quite different in what it does with 3D to us.

  • OK,  just wondering! I do really like your software… keep at it!

  • cuando traen los tutoriales en ESPANOL?

  • when I try to download the project files it is a pepper zip or .zip and it doesn't show up and doesn't let me use it. I use a windows laptop and was wondering since Simons tutorial had him open the file but mine doesn't open it up. how can I fix that or is there a different way to download it? 

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Rayanater123 a .zip file is a compressed archive for storage or transmission of multiple files. Think of it as a box holding the project files.

    You'll need to unzip/extract the .zip file first. I believe on Windows you should be able to right-click the .zip file and select extract. At worst you'll need to download and install Winzip to do it. 

  • Can you guys do a quick video tutorial on the affects after the Iron Man HUD? I am interested in how you were able to draw and track the blue outline on the generator and car. Thanks so much.

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    Single photograph, draw the lines on it, then use a mask to wipe them away. Zoom into  and pan across the photograph and add shake to pretend it was a video while the mask wipes the outlined image to reveal a clean version below.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator
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    @Shimmy1976 for the Heads Up animation a frame was exported,  the outline drawn in a paint program,  exported as a PNG, and imported to Hitfilm. 

    In Hitfilm the object was tracked and the outline parented to the track. Masks were used to animate the wipe on. Add glow to taste. 

    Another way to do it is create a white plane. Use masking tools to outline the object. Duplicate the mask, use the second mask's transform properties to scale to98-99% and change the second mask to subtract. Track/parent, etc. 

  • @Shimmy1976 This is a tutorial that's been widely requested, so we've added it to our long list! In the meantime however, Triem's suggestion will give you the right look. 

  • I tried to download this twice  and my computer crashed both times

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    Your entire computer crashed after running HitFilm? @Bloodrose

    PC specs?

  •  all i know is that it is windows 10 intel core i3

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    i tried to download it again and it installed but now its saying your computer does not appear to meet the minimum requirements for hitfilm. 

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    how to get serial code

  • @janu2004 go to https://hitfilm.com/express/heads-up#download and follow the instructions on screen. It will add an Express license to your account, so you can activate the software.

  • peut-on avoir le logiciel en Français

  • @larchachone there are no immediate plans to translate the software into other languages, however it isn't something we have entirely ruled out.

  • I can't do the download... When I click in "Get hitfilm express free", nothing happens...

    Could you please help me solve this problem???

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