best way to turn a 2d picture (s) into a 3d model

anyone know of a good way to turn a picture or series of pictures into a 3d model with ease? I've seen some software designed specifically for this,  not including the obvious ones but I'm looking for a user friendly easier way to accomplish this.  


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    Out of my experience, but I look forward to seeing the feedback. 

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    Autodesk has a couple of options. One is  ReCap 360  with both paid and free options. The other is  123D Catch  which is mainly phone app based so it should be easy to use.

    VideoTrace  hasn't been updated in a while but the free beta is still available if you sign up for it. If you're working with a video clip it also accepts camera solves from  Voodoo Tracker.   Voodoo Tracker is free assuming non-commercial use and the commercial version is called  VooCAT  and there's a version made for match moving in Cinema 4D called  CineCAT.  I know @Palacono has been playing with VideoTrace and Voodoo with mixed results.

    PhotoAnim  was a paid product that's now free and works similar to VideoTrace. It also has some puppet animation capabilities..

    Archipelis  is a paid app, 29 Euros I think, along the same lines as VideoTrace and PhotoAnim but looks like it's a little more capable.

    Insight 3D   is open source but not fully finished yet. Most of the examples deal with architecture though so it might be worth a look and there is a  PDF tutorial.

    Of these I've tried VideoTrace and Photoanim. Of the two VideoTrace feels more serious although both worked ok. I've been meaning to try 123D Catch but I haven't gotten around to it yet. 

    The process is called  photogrammetry and Wikipedia has a comparison list of packages. Prices range from free to OMG!

  •  @Aladdin4d - Thanks for the info and the links! I'm definitely going to try a couple of those programs when I get the time.

  • Thank you for the info!


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