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    You are going to want a core i7 if possible and minimum 8gb ram.  More memory is better.  Get the best video card you can afford.  Hitfilm uses GPU (Graphics Processing Unit - namely, the video card) heavily, so the best GPU for your money will help you immensely.

    Avoid Best Buy computers - they screwed me twice.  I spent almost $1,500 per laptop and the included Nvidia GeForce card could not perform squat and I found out it was a Best Buy specific card that looked good on paper but actually could barely be useful at all - not even in simple FPS games.  Also, they are usually dual video cards and I could NEVER get the Nvidia to work right - it would always default to the Intel card no matter what soft switch your set in the Video and Nvidia control panels - no matter whether you set all software to use Nvidia graphics processor by default - a utility I downloaded showed me that the Intel was ALWAYS being used.  This was for both machines!


  • Don't get a Dell. There's a known issue that only seems to be affecting Dells that the devs haven't cracked yet. 

    What's your budget? 

  • I already got the dell I was wondering if I should take it back and get the hp

  • On paper the dell should run hitfilm fine but my video is kinda laggy when effects go on but that may just be because i am using mp4 files

  • Oh, boy, that hp looks like it doesn't have a dedicated GPU. That's not good. Sigh. II don't really like either system. Unfortunately I up past bedtime and need to bow out. 

  • @fishinsalt13 - The following link is for MSI laptops - they absolutely KICK TUSHY for doing Hitfilm work:

    You just cannot go wrong with any of their products.  You can buy them on with confidence.  Even the lowest end core i7 will work great.

    I own their Mac Daddy and it's all I need.


  • the msi laptops look nice but they are a ways out of my budget of $700

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    Oy.  $700.  Hmmm.  Buy someone's used MSI.  For $700 you are going to be waiting . . . a lot . . . for rendering, proxying, etc.

    Believe me, I understand what it's like to be on a budget, but until I got my MSI, I could simply not get much done with Hitfilm (or any other higher end video, 3D Animation and compositing software).  Now, anything is possible.

    Well . . . get a core i7 and at least 8gb ram.  Get a GeForce 970m if you can afford it.


  • I think I will stick with my dell and in the future look at msi. Thanks for the help though

  • What do you think of the amd fx chip

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    Hmmmm.  Not the biggest fan of AMD (hence, ATI).  GeForce and Intel core series are the undisputed champs of the effects industry. AMD/ATI tend to have real video driver issues with most higher end software.

    Otherwise, I have no real experience with it and thus cannot give you a reliable review or opinion save what I know about AMD/ATI in general.


  • Looking at the benches and specs you got a cpu on par with not so recent i3 and similar to my 5y old i5.

    If you can I did back the suggestion to return it and go for a used one or better a desktop. 

  • I have a amd fx 8800p

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