Mocha isn't working correctly

I just bought hitfilm 4 pro and was trying to use mocha but when I clicked the "Solve With Mocha Hitfilm" button, I kept getting this error "Warning: Cannot connect to the MediaIOserver; QuickTime will not be available." I didn't know what this meant so I clicked ok and tried to open an MP4 file and got an error saying the format wasn't supported. I have the newest version of quick time installed and I'm running on a 64-bit hp envy laptop.


  • MediaIOServer.exe is what Mocha uses to handle QuickTime files so first thing is, this is a Mocha only problem. One thing I have heard of is the file permissions being incorrect and Windows isn't allowing MediaIOServer to run. You can check for that by going to C:\Program Files\FXhome\HitFilm 4 Pro\mocha\MediaIOServer\bin, right clicking on MediaIOServer.exe and checking the Properties. If it says "Blocked" under attributes on the General tab then unblock it. You might consider selecting "Run this program as an administrator" on the Compatibility tab too. 

    Other than that you might want to contact Imagineer Systems too and see if they have any advice

  • Thank You for the reply. The program was not blocked and was trying to give it additional permissions and it still gave me the same error. Could it be my antivirus software blocking it. I have Bit Defender

  • Got the same problem. Just install the latest QuickTime drivers from official site and it's done.

  • I think its bit defender as I have it too and I am having the exact same problem.

  • kirkle - Have you managed to solve the issue? Have you contacted Imagineer?

    FilmTech - It is entirely possible for an anti-virus to 'block' a program but I have never heard of this particular case for mocha. If you add mocha to the 'safe list' does the program launch correctly?

  • @Ady I added it to my safe list but it still comes up with the same message.

  • Same problem persists with a fresh windows 10 install and 7.7.6 quicktime. Any solutions so far?

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    FilmTechVideoforfilm - Have you contacted Imagineer about the issue? 

  • @Ady Not yet, do you encourage me, to do so :-)

  • @Videoforfilm @FilmTech yes, you guys should contact Imagineer. Mocha may be bundled with Hitfilm, but FxHome has nothing to do with Mocha's codebase. Imagineer is the proper company to contact about possible Mocha bugs. 

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    hey guys i got bit defender and i got the same problem to,

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @pall1245 you should contact Imagineer for this issue. 

  • I contacted imagineer and they helped me solve the issue

  • kirkle - Good, they helped you to solve it, could you tell us how? what was the problem?

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