Why are my videos in hitfilm running slow?

I have 8GB of RAM An i7 4790k, And An R9 380 4GB. Are My Files Just Too Big?


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    Define "slow". Do you mean they stutter on playback?

    Exactly what are your files? AVC video? Frame size, frame rate? Bitrate?

    The free MediaInfo utility can be helpful in providing information like this.

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    My HitFilm projects run slow inside HitFilm when I add 3D extrusion to my text and create animations.

    But the final export mp4 always runs smooth.

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    Same with me. I am placing lightsword effects on my film and the video is lagged and slow. When I export it it plays fine as well. It is very difficult to edit.

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    I hear ya, I get same issues sometimes, especially when I use the 3D extrusion effect.

  • RAM buffering, Proxy creation and reducing the resolution of the Viewer window can all help improve speed problems.

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    @Sheepaking @Tintin888 chances are both of you are shooting on a DSLR or other camera exporting h.264/mp4 (yes, even if the file extension is .MOV.) If your camera says AVC or AVCHD then, again, your camera is giving you h.264. 

    Bottom line is h.264 is a "delivery" codec, designed basically for playback only, and is not a footage format designed for editing. Any NLE will suffer from slowdown when dealing with h.264 footage, although Hitfilm happens to slow more than most. 

    So. The solution is to transcode your footage into an edit-friendly codec like DNxHD or ProRes usung free software like MPEG Streamclip. Your files will end up much larger, but Hitfilm will edit them more smoothly. 

    For more information on editing vs delivery codecs please read: telestreamblog.telestream.net/2012/04/save-yourself-frustration-use-editing-formats-when[-editing-2/

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    Usually what happens is I go into Hitfilm, place a video(usually AVI or MP4 60fps at 900p), start scrubbing and it stutters. I assumed it is either not having enough ram or my files are too big. Usually my videos are 15 minutes to an hour.

  • The answer is that your computer is not fast enough for Hitfilm to do what you are trying to do at the speed you are expecting. The size of the files should not be an issue. When you look at your task manager you will very likely see that Hitfilm is not ram limited, unless you are running some other ram hungry app at the same time as Hitfilm. 60 fps files do require much more computer power to handle than <= 30 fps. Hitfilm does not have a cache like other NLEs. Only a ram preview buffer and that only in the comp timeline.

    With basic timeline playback performance there is one thing you can do, beyond having a faster computer, to help Hitfilm and that is to transcode to an lower overhead codec as previously mentioned in this thread.

    Also when you say "scrubbing", what exactly do you mean by that? Forward only. Forwards and backwards. Realtime only or faster than realtime. Hitfilm needs help for quick scrubbing and often that means transcoding to an Intra codec, mpeg-2 or a very short GOP AVC. 60p at faster than realtime is a pretty tough task for any NLE, let alone Hitfilm. 

    It is always best to provide detailed information on your media file(s). Otherwise we are just guessing. The free MediaInfo utility can give a text listing of this information that you can post.

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    I mean scrubbing any way. Forwards and backwards always give me a delay when scrubbing (I usually have it in realtime and I have tried all customizable preview resolutions). I just want to know since I have a program that scrubs through it fine, so like you said, I will try converting to mpeg-2 and/or an intra codec.


    Average video info: AVI (OpenDML) 55.1 GiB 26mn 23s Overall Bit Rate: 299 Mbps

    1 video stream: FIVC

    2 audio streams: PCM/PCM

    First video stream

    296 Mbps, 1600*900 (16:9), at 60 fps, FICV

    Audio Streams

    1 411.2 Kbps, 44.1 KHz, 16 bits,  2 channels, PCM (Little/Signed)

  • FICV is a custom Mirillis codec. I have no experience to know how well that codec performs.

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    Note that codecs can also vary wildly depending on their specific settings. @Triem23 is correct in saying that H264/MP4 is not an edit-friendly format. However, if an H264 video is created with certain settings it will perform really fast in HitFilm and other NLEs.

    It's covered (from a screen capture perspective) in these two videos:



  • NormanPCN ,SimonKJones Thanks! I will check out those videos...

  • Another useful method i found that works is if you upload your video to youtube (and make it private) then download your youtube video (using a youtube to mp4 converter website) your videos run smooth on hitfilm once downloaded.  The reason is because youtube helps compress the video down and make it readable for hitfilm... this works all the time for me and i use a Nikon D3400... my videos are slow if i dont use this method and just upload directly with my d3400. Hope this helps!

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