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Not sure if I am the only one with this issue but its rather frustrating. I installed Pro 4 and Ignite and previously I was using Pro 3. Figured I would upgrade due to the new features added to 4. Well after install and activation of all. I restarted and opened up 4 and no problems whatsoever, until I went to click to import a file and no window popped up when I clicked the import. Then I couldn't click on anything else. If I hit the escape key I could see a window quickly close like it was in the background so I did it repeatedly to find out what the window was. Low and behold it was the import file window. It is not active though and doesn't stay up to be able to click any files to import. I can't even change the layout of the windows and get rid of the meter window or the trimmer window to work in a larger area. Click the square at the top of the screen and nothing happens and again I can't click anything till I hit the escape key. Haven't been able to do anything cause I can't click anything and have any windows to pop up to import or adjust or anything. Now the tabs to switch between the export, project, edit all work but that is about it. Help please. I have a ticket as well to see if anyone can resolve the issue. As I mentioned I had 3 Pro on this same machine and it ran like a champ so I doubt it would be any hardware conflicts.


Also I can import a project from the first opening of HF 4 and it shows up like it is supposed to but no video at all displayed of the project, however the audio is there so not sure what the problem could be at this point.


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    There is a slight help as to when I run HF4 in non full screen mode I can actually click on items and select import and customize the layout. However there is still no video unless I do a ram preview at which it plays fine for the ram previewed section. I still cannot edit any off the effects or even move the video position in the editor.

  • Hi @FlyingBanana78, I am sorry you are experiencing difficulties with the software. We are aware of the fullscreen issue and have fixed it internally. Please wait for HF4 Update 2 which should come (very) soon.

    Your second problem (video not shown in the viewer) might be related as HitFilm doesn't render the video if there is another window in front.

    Let us know if your issue is solved after the next update. If not, we'll investigate further.

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    First off thanks for responding in the forums despite the troll that ran amok when I posted the problem in the forum. Quickly went from page 1 to page 8 in no time. I do also have a ticket with HF as well that I just got a response to as well and followed that suggestion of uninstall HF4 then update my video driver then install HF4 again. Did that and first thing that popped up was a new update for HF4 so I downloaded that and installed it. After installation I am still having the same issue with the not displaying my video in my window unless I do a ram preview then I can see the video play but I still can not make any edits to the video in composition. As for any windows being in front I have nothing open other than HF4 so there isn't anything (windows or otherwise) open. HF3 Pro ran like a champ on this same laptop so don't know why it would be such a drastic change and not run as 3 did in now 4.

  • Ok I have also found out that when opening a new project and going to the editor, I can import a video clip into the sidebar. However when I drag it over to the timeline I get an OpenGL error and force closes HF4.

    Now I have researched the driver and found out that through the newest and most current driver which I had been using with HF3 Pro (which I had no issues with running) apparently has OpenGl issues with HF4 Pro? I am still confused as the system requirements don't seem to have changed between 3-4. I have checked Intel's website and downloaded a "generic" Windows 10 driver for this chipset and it didn't make a difference at all.

  • Hi FlyingBanana78,

     I am having the same issue as you when trying the Hitfilm 4 demo and the OpenGl problem. Do you happen to have Intel HD4000 graphics as well? Hitfilm 3 is running extremely smoothly on my laptop so I am sure the problem can be resolved if it is specific to the Intel chipset.

  • Hello Manhit,

    Yes I have the Intel HD 4000 graphics, It is a strange issue, I wish I was able to actually post a video of what is happening so others could see and suggest options. Only way for me to post is to youtube and I am not sure HF would want me to post an error video of their product on youtube so I sent that to the support department instead. It is frustrating as I meet all the requirements and had no problems running HF3 Pro. Both required OpenGl 2.0 and I was running both HF3 and HF4 Pro on Windows 10. I hope there is a resolution to the issue, I know I don't need more gray hair. :)

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    Ok so I was searching OpenGl issues with HF and I came across this old thread. The users post sounds similar to my issue when importing videos to the editor timeline (although doesn't happen when importing it to a composition timeline) I get that same OpenGl error. I guess it still comes down to the same confusion as I have been having as HF3 Pro ran fine and I didn't have any problems. What has changed so much in HF4 Pro that isn't allowing me to use it? This laptop is running the intel HD 4000 chipset and it is listed even on your supported requirements on HF 4 Pro so I am confused and a bit frustrated as I can no longer go back to HF 3 Pro due to deleting it as per supports recommendations. So needless to say I am bored out of my mind and getting tired of messing with photos in Gimp2. Photos just don't have that same effect on completion as an edited video or effects video does.


  • FlyingBanana78 - Could you try updating your drivers for your Intel HD, I have enclosed a link below:

    Intel HD Driver Update Utility

  • @Ady I have done that as per tech supports recommendation. It didn't make a difference. I am working through a ticket in email with Misty on the issue. Just sent her over a DxDiag log that was requested. So I will keep things posted on here to notify of the outcome or if any other ideas get tossed my way. Thank you :)

  • FlyingBanana78 - Thank you for the update, I will leave you in Misty's very capable hands. :)

  • Well for the time being I am reverting back to HF3 Pro till this issue can be figured out. Will still keep updates coming on any results.

  • Ok I am apparently being told that my GPU may not be able to be updated due to manufacturer. However when I look at system requirements between HitFilm 4 Pro

    System requirements

    • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, OS X 10.9 Mavericks, OS X 10.10 Yosemite or OS X 10.11 El Capitan
    • 64-bit operating system
    • 1.2GB free hard disk space for installation
    • Internet connection required for online activation and web services
    • Intel Core i3, Core i5, Core i7 or Intel Xeon (Nehalem) processor or AMD equivalent
    • 4GB RAM
    • OpenGL 2.0 capable hardware with at least 512 MB video memory (NVIDIA GeForce 9 series, Radeon HD 5000 series, Intel HD 4000)


    And Hitfilm 3 Pro

    Hard Drive Space Required  0.65 GB
    RAM 4GB
    Processor Requirements
    Intel Core i3, Core i5, Core i7 or Intel Xeon (Nehalem) processor or AMD equivalent
    Additional System Requirements
    Internet connection required for activation and web services
    OpenGL 2.0 graphics card with at least 512MB video memory (NVIDIA GeForce 9 series, AMD Radeon HD 5000 series, Intel HD 4000). 1GB of video memory is required for 4K projects


    They look quite similar to me, which is why this issue is so frustrating and going nowhere. At this point I am having nightmares about sending directx logs when I sleep.

  • I had a similar problem moving from HF3 to HF4 regarding OpenGL using Intel HD graphics (HF3: viewer displays fine / HF4: viewer remains blank).

    I initially thought my Intel graphics drivers were up-to-date because I updated them via the HP support page for my laptop. However, it turned out that these were not actually the latest drivers, I needed to get them directly from Intel. But then, my laptop refused to install them as it was locked by HP to prevent display driver updates sourced direct from Intel.

    After looking for solutions on the web, I followed the instructions on this web page:


    Problem solved, I can now run Hitfilm Pro 4 without any issues.

  • @efolve Yeah I been trying to update the drivers but the problem is that I have got them from intel's site and it says that they are actually older than the version I am currently running. I did it anyway and it is still blank. Not to mention HP also has a newer driver release than intel and the one currently on my laptop. However I have tried all three and LOL @ The web page cause thats what I found and followed to update the driver. Out of curiosity are you running Windows 10? And if so is the driver for the HD 4000 version  and dated 8/17/2015  ?

  • Hi Flying Banana78,

     I have been down the same path as you with my Asus laptop and the Intel 4000HD chipset. Asus has custom drivers which the computer will claim is the latest version but is not if you go to the Intel website. If you completely remove the display adapter drivers you may be able to install the latest version of the Intel drivers, as I have done, but may still experience issues. I got a boost with Hitfilm 3 which now runs amazingly smoothly but still can't get the viewer pane working on Hitfilm 4. You may have better success. My only hope is that Asus will release updated custom drivers but I am not too confident since the laptop is a couple of years old now. Best of luck!

  • Yeah I am running in circles here trying to figure it out and have downloaded and installed just about every driver ( HP and Intel ) and force installed them and still none of them seem to help to get the viewer window to display video unless I do a ram preview then scrub through the ram previewed section then it displays. I even went as far as to make sure my quicktime was up to date and updated it and still no help. Guess I am stuck with Hitfilm3 Pro for the time being. Will see what support has to say this time after my last dxdiag log. Will keep posting on any new findings or any resolution that fixes the issue at hand and if none found then I will just chalk it up to a fluke and need a new laptop and list the thread as done.

  • @Flying Banana78

    I'm currently running Windows 8.1, 64bit.

    My Intel HD graphics chipset is not exactly the same as yours...

    Intel Iris Graphics 5100
    driver version:
    date: 25/09/2015

  • @efolve thanks for posting. I am wondering if it is just an issue with windows 10 OS and the HD4000 chipset. Cause the laptop originally came with 8.1 on it and I upgraded to 10 and have also heard that there has been issues with some opengl support with windows 10 and some drivers. Just seems so strange as 3 ran like a champ and 4 with really no change in system requirements has issues.

  • Correction... my driver version is:

  • Hi Flying Banana78,

     I don't think it is a Windows 10 issue since I am running 8.1 and have the same problem. I think it must revolve around the HD4000 chipset and how it is implemented on certain computers with specific manufacturers.

  • Ok so Misty tossed my issue over to the development team and I got back a response today from the support ticket.....

    "I just wanted to update that we have found the issue and there will be a update soon. If you launch HitFilm and the software asks you to update, please update."

    I will wait to see the update then apply it and get back to close this post or list any additional issues that may happen.

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    @FlyingBanana78 Simon Jones dropped a teaser in another thread. Update #3 is on-track for early February, so start watching the forum for the Blog announcement in, hopefully, just over a week. 

  • @Triem23 yeah I can't wait to be able to use HF4 been frustrating but I understand with all new product roll-outs there is bound to be little issues. And I love that 4 now has the alembic ability and more options open in Mocha as well. I am patiently waiting :) in the meantime just tinkering in HF3 Pro.

  • Yeehaw! Update 3 was the answer! Thank you to all of the Hitfilm staff and development team. No issues now with Hitfilm 4 Pro now to play around with all the new additions. *squeals like a kid in a candy store*

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