Chinese? Japanese?

Why does the forum display titles in asian characters sometimes? You guys seeing the same thing? It does it on my PC, my phone and my tablet.


Turning Japanese I think I'm turning Japanese I really think so.


  • The forum is being attacked by Spammers. Happens every day about this time of day. FxHome is working to try and stop the attack. All the spam will be deleted.

  • Its korean. The foundry was hit once but they quickly fixed the issue and never seen again.

  • a H Bomb test and now this!

  • What does Kim Jong have against Hitfilm exactly?

  • Ireground Kim Jong-un was falsely led to believe that he succeeded world domination, His staff would show him videos of the 'glory and mass explosions' worldwide, 

    Kim Jong-un soon realised when receiving a call from domino's pizza that he was pranked, some one from the UK ordered 100 extra large pizza's and a sticky dough Ben & Jerry's ice cream, 

    So Kim Jong-un then followed up an investigation, to realise that under ground from his palace in the odd socks room, that his staff have been deceiving him, behind the sock pile was an editing suite, He soon found that all of his videos of mass destruction where in fact composites in HitFilm,

    from thereon he has ordered bitstrikes against FXHome

  • Ah. I get it now.

  • @NXVisualStudio Six degrees of Kim Jong-un?

  • There's no actual evidence that the spammers are Korean. As far as I'm aware it's Korean characters but is probably just gibberish.

    Also, to be clear, this hasn't been happening for years - it started around the new year and we're in the process of putting methods in place to prevent it.

  • SimonKJones A majority of the text translated to Casino advertising.  Pointless really, for where it's being posted, just thank our lucky stars that it's not us with so little in life that we resort to profuse annoyance.   

    Hope you're keeping well mate.

    @Aladdin4d @Triem23 Don't ask haha random moment. 

  • The only annoying part of it all is that around the time the spam monster strikes all the real posts in the forum get bumped many pages from where they originally were at. Not sure how many Asian users that post in the forums using their native language but would there be a way to prevent foreign text from being allowed? Or maybe use a captcha and if it still gets through at least you know it is an actual posting and not a spambot attack. Not sure if they would be listed anywhere on this site or not either ; but I am willing to bet that they are not on there.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    One problem with the catchpa idea is where to implement it. On account creation? No biggy, I manually enter the catchpa, then set loose the bots of spam. Every time one creates a thread? That might be somewhat annoying to users. Every post? Overboard... 

    I will share here that the forum page for the website for a small game company I used to write fir requires users to input "Spamners Suck" on every post. 

    As it is, Daniel, Rikki and the rest of the web team are certainly earning their pay this month--especially taking the time to clwar spam on days off! While the Spammers are still at it, the frequency seems to be down. They haven't managed a thousand-page flood since that first night. 

  • FlyingBanana78
    I have suggested the idea to Daniel on behalf of banning the language until a stronger defence has been made, I know it may seem racist but it will only be temporary until a stronger set of rules are made,

    so far the filter is being bypassed by words that have been altered i.e. ( to somethingdotcom)

     using captcha at this point will help with any automated registration  but for the human side of it, it's still a fighting battle, 

    I've given Daniel some unorthodox methods that could put a complete stop in total to the spam, I cant mention or give clues because to some aspect the spammer starts off from the human side.  

  • @SimonKJones I'm fluent in Korean. It's advertisements for an online casino.


  • Hey guys,

    Thanks for your patience with all the spam trouble, I know it's gone on a while now and it's very annoying.

    We've been working on measures which we hope will tackle the issue long term, without making it more inconvenient for genuine users (such as more captchas - particularly as the captcha we already use hasn't even slowed the spammers down!).

    In the meantime we have tried various interim methods of blocking the spam - including some based on the characters being used - but what we noticed is that as soon as we blocked one of those avenues, another, slightly harder-to-detect, format would emerge. For example, a lot of Wednesday's spam was in pseudo-English rather than mostly Korean characters. Had we tried to block that, we'd risk blocking genuine users too - so this approach is not sustainable.

    Finding the balance between inconveniencing genuine users, blocking spam users and keeping the forums maintainable is tricky. The other slight inconvenience is that we have to wait for the next round of spam attacks to know if any measures we've deployed are effective - it's not something we can test ourselves really. Fortunately, our spammer friend is very predictable, and attacks like clockwork every night ;)

    Fingers crossed the latest measure is effective.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator
    edited January 2016

    Ironic that YouTube is a hub of illegal activity--full of videos on how to steal software, build weapons, etc, etc, etc, yet a legal parody under Fair Use law is instantly blocked SO HARD That I can't even delete the "offending" video from a mobile device....

    So, enjoy the single-pass soundtrack of my bronchitis-ridden self.

    Either way, I think I'm funny.

    If you don't like YouTube forcing a bronchitis-ridden Mike to sing poorly into a laptop mic, try the Vimeo version, with proper John Williams music!

  • You have to hope they're not just using your responses to help refine their attacks.

    After a few rounds with your guys (and presumably other sites) they're going to end up with an attack method that's pretty robust, should they decide to target somewhere else.

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