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I'm not sure if this should be in the Issue Reporting thread or not-

I've been experiencing a weird blue-ish/gray hue over the 3D Models Properties Box that is making it very difficult to adjust model colors etc.

I can't tell it it's just the box itself that isn't popping up correctly, although I have been able to get models to a comp, or if it's the lighting that's messed up creating the strange hue. Anyone have any ideas what might be causing this? Maybe a graphics card setting? (NVIDIA 970). This doesn't happen on my laptop - only on my desktop. As you can see in these pictures, the program in the background is fine as far as colors are concerned.




Is the rectangular light just right of the models supposed to be there? I noticed the light started appearing in HF4P's 3D model Properties box and while it is there on both my computers, it doesn't seem to affect the Model Properties box on my laptop.

This is a screenshot from HF3P and the 3D Model Properties Box is normal.

Edit: Links are below in another entry.



  • I cannot see the photos. I think you need to use a public link to your Dropbox photos for us to see them. It looks like you just copied the browser URL while logged into your account.

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    @StormyKnight Nothing like that for me here in HF4,U2.

    FWIW I am on and AMD GPU. I very seriously doubt it is anything systemic to Nvidia. That's the sad part. Something peculiar on a single installation is hard to deal with.

    Lets us know about how those Star Wars models you are playing with work out quality wise and where you got em. I was looking at some X-wings on Turbosquid today.

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    @NormanPCN - I got a few from this site. You kinda have to pick and choose and not all the models come with resources. Some don't need them i.e. on the TIE fighter I have I just change the emissive color to certain parts.


    This site has some good models and from more than just Star Wars:


    This site has some free and for purchase models:


    This was my search criteria:


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    Okay- I figured out the problem but I don't know a solution. Here's one for the devs. The first pic below is of the HF website- this thread. Take notice of the color of the task bar. I changed the personalization theme when I first thought to try this. Note the desktop color is a light yellowish/tan.


    Here's HF4P while using the same theme- only now the 3D Model Properties box has changed color to match the desktop color (sort of). And again, note the color of the task bar.


    In the next example I changed the theme again and the desktop color was gray.....the same color as the task bar in the picture here:


    Changing themes again where the theme was a high contrast and the desktop color was the same as the task bar- black:


    Now changing the desktop color to a redish tone:


    Light gray seems to work the best and note the rectangular light next to the model is gone:


    Anyone have an explanation as to why the desktop color would change the 3D Model Properties box in such a way?

    Could someone change their theme and see if they get the same result? You can always change it back. :^)


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    I tried changing from the Windows 7 default theme to the Nature theme. Things went from blue to green. Hitfilm did not change a lick in any way. Same colors everywhere.

    This is what I would expect. Hitfilm is a Windows app that does not use the Window user interface components. It uses a UI framework named Qt (not Quicktime). This is why Hitfilm does not look like a "normal" windows app. Qt can run on a Mac and that is a reason why they would want to use something other than native the native UI.

    Of course there could still be some freaky interaction with the video driver and themes.

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    dayyymn Yup report it,  that's a first. 

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    @NormanPCN & @NXVisualStudio - I'm on Windows 8.1 but my laptop is W10. I don't know if the trouble occurs in W10 but I will check tomorrow when I fire up the laptop. It's getting past my bed time- been playing around too much with this glitch.....or son of a glitch. lol

    I will report this tonight though. It is rather odd indeed.

    I just tried a fresh install and the problem persists.

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    StormyKnight - I have tried all of the available themes on both Windows 8 & Windows 10 test machines here (both AMD & Nvidia cards tested), these made no change to HitFilm styling like you see.

    What it looks like here is that you're experiencing is GPU corruption, the 3D Model Import Window is using OpenGL, have you tried any other GPU supported product?

    Have you installed the very latest drivers for your GPU? I'm using the latest Nvidia driver & AMD driver 15.12 (16.1 was released recently so I'll try that later, but I don't expect anything to change)


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    Hi @Ady - Yup, all drivers are up to date. I check that regularly now as it can be an easy fix for a bunch of issues.

    I changed the theme on my laptop too but it didn't change the model import like it does on my desktop. I did notice that the little rectangle of gray that appears in a couple of the pics above (just to the right of the model display) is on my laptop but only when I first select a model. Once the model loads in the rectangle goes away.

    GPU corruption doesn't sound good. Is that something I should address to NVIDIA's techs? Now that I think about it, I did contact them last week via email support about the issue that switches the 970's display from single to multiple after recent updates. I don't know if the two together show symptoms of a larger problem but if catastrophic failure happens it better be before the warranty.

    Since HF is my main go to- I admittedly have to say I'm not sure what all programs I have that are GPU supported but I'll guess applications that can import/export 3D models as well. (?) Then I would have to say yes. I haven't used the other programs enough to be able to tell if it would have an issue or not.

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