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    Any ideas? I've just gotten onto making it again.

  • Yup, terminator 1 and terminator salvation please

  • Hi everyone im new to this software. I have Hitfilm 3 Pro and im trying to do a truck wreck scene with this software and can it be done any suggestions. I have the 2 scenes recorded already and i would like to know how to edit them to make the accident look real can anyone help me please i would appreciate it 

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    Hitfilm has alot of getting started videos check out their youtube channel.

    Otherwise i'm sure @Triem23 ;would be willing to drop some tips on how to pull it off.

  • @newfxcreator You might want to start a new thread for this question to not hijack the topic of color grading presets. :-)

    Otherwise, there are certainly many ways Hitfilm can help put together a convincing wreck, but we'll need some more information--we might need to see the raw shots. Do we need to need the truck hit what it's hitting? What IS the truck hitting (A truck hitting a tree is different from a truck hitting another truck). How bad a wreck is it? It this the kind of wreck where the truck crumples, or do you need smoke, or fire, or even an explosion?

    Welcome to Hitfilm! This is a helpful forum and I'm sure we'll brainstorm some good ideas for you once we have a better idea of what you need. :-)

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    Are there any tutorials on color grading workflow that deal only with Express' capability? I know enticing purchase of plugins, Pro, and Ultimate is your bread and butter, but I'm a noob wanting some grounding.

    Adding glow, adding grain, adjusting white balance, brightness & contrast, altering curves, applying a LUT: I suspect the order these are applied impact the return, but I've no idea what to make sure to do before what.

    Thanks for your tremendous software.


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    Welcome to Hitfilm.@Archlich

    What types of grades are you interested in?

    Although Hitfilm 3 Express doesn't have too many color grading options without the colorist pack it is still able to pull of quite a number of looks.

    As far as I know there aren't really too many Hitfilm 3 Express color grade / color correction tutorials yet.

    A good start would be to use the brightness and contrast effect.  Boosting the contrast is usually done in the color correction phase but it often is used in the color grade phase to add a more heavy tone to your film.

    If you want to go with a Hollywood style color grade a good alternative to curves is the levels histogram or the color balance. Color balance would probably be best to use if your just starting. In Hollywood they really like to raise the contrast and have all the dark areas have a teal tint and all the main areas such as an actor have a orange tint. Teal/Orange. To achieve this go to color balance then in shadows raise the blues and slightly raise the greens. and in mid tones and highlights slightly raise the reds and even less raise the greens. And there you have a basic Hollywood color grade.

    They like using this because it has contrasting colors. This is the most common color grade you will see. And quite frankly many people hate it because it is overused.

    I suggest using color balance and brightness and contrast for now and play around with it. See what color grades you can come up with that are unique to you. Hitfilm will probably do a tutorial on color grading in Hitfilm 3 Express soon.

    Play around with the software and see what you can come up with. Get a feel for the software. Good luck!

  • Actually a better way then boosting the greens and blues is to drop the reds

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    "I suspect the order these are applied impact the return, but I've no idea what to make sure to do before what."

    Don't feel paralyzed. Just jump in. There is no true correct way to do things and you can often get the same result via different paths. Maybe not so much in Express with its more limited toolset.

    IMO, In general. Get your brightness/exposure and contrast correct first. Then get your color balance correct to what you want for a scene. After the basics are adjusted only then do you typically go for more effect/stylistic choices like glows, grain/noise and such.


  • @Archlich I will also be releasing a free Hitfilm 3 express color grade preset pack very soon which you can use as a base for your grades.

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    Its here my new color grade preset pack for Hitfilm 3 Express and above!

    ------> Download Here <------

    I will be making the Hitfilm 4 Pro Movie Styles Pack soon :D

  •  Wow. Now THAT'S service! May the Sun never set on you

  • Film Tech has been getting his grading on for the last couple of months... 

  • Film Tech has imposed a monopoly upon the HitFilm color grading industry xD looks awesome, as always.

  • Thanks man that means a lot :)

  • To FilmTech and Triem23  Thanks for the help  sorry for posting on the wrong subject. Im new to this and just was in search for some help but i really appreciate you guys. Im just glade someone responded. Big plus too you both. 

  • @newfxcreator No problem :) Welcome to Hitfilm!

  • Dear Hollywood

    It has come to my attention that your color grades consist of: Teal & Orange... This makes it hard for people like me to make a pack of color grades replicating popular movie grades... I hate to tell you this. As nice as it looks it does get boring after a while, seeing the exact same color grade in every movie. It would be nice if we could see something new. Thanks for your time...


  • Hollywood, I believe you may have just been burned. Haha

  • It's an easy color scheme that keeps skin attractive. 



  • New color grade preset pack for Hitfilm 4 Pro!

    This one comes with 12 different presets.

    Download link is in the description :)

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