NLE, audio and composites. How to best integrate them?

I have an NLE project which will have many events from numerous media files. The video file audio is unused. The project has a song on the NLE timeline. I will sync the video events to parts of the song.

Easy peazy. Now the rub. I need to keyframe most of the events so I need to use composites. The composites will of course be mute since they do not get audio from the project timeline. I can't edit without the music. So I need to copy appropriate indexed portions of the music file to the respective composite events.

Any thoughts on the easiest workflow to accomplish this?

...what I have tried thus far.

I set the NLE timeline to absolute frames and take note of the frame number the music starts on. Then subtract the comp start position frame number from that, and then drop the music into the comp and drag the left edge the proper number of frames to the right.

I also tried creating a duplicate but muted audio track with the same music file, and then slice that event at the proper spot(s) and then use a context menu "copy" and try to paste into the composite timeline. No dice. Hitfilm does not copy events from the NLE to Comp timeline.


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    What I've tried--and it's an extra step but doesn't take too long (with my tools)--is making a dummy layer in my NLE of a solid color and trimming most of it away until I have flash frames as cues. (example: Dalek shots I am doing, the color shows when the Dalek's head flashers should be on). That said, I edit in Vegas Pro with the Ultimate S Pro Extension from VASST, which has a one click "Delete between markers" function, so I scroll with my shuttle/jog an drop markers on all my in/out points. Depending on your other tools, prepping this guide track might be tedious. 

    Either way, render guide track for import to Hitfilm. 

  • Just kinda thinking out loud here but yeah laying down a guide track in Vegas would be my first thought. I think with any of the script extensions you can also export marker points in absolute frames to a text file which could be useful too. Timeline tools is a freebie for that. Ummmmmm generate a clip with the music file interleaved in Avisynth using Blankclip and ShowFrameNumber, import and cut it on the timeline making each event a composite shot and arrange them as a reference in your primary comp?

  • Timeline Tools is a nice one (and free). I was looking in the guide for the Vegas Production Assistant to see if it had VASST's Marker tools, but it doesn't. Production Assistant is just a cut-down crappier version of Ultimate S, anyway... Between Ultimate S and Vegasaur I have a lot of automation!

  • Do you mean the Timeline Tools in Hitfilm? If not, a link would be nice since there are a million options. I love useful and free.

  • If he has and can use Vegas, he has access to the marker and region system.  As well, you can setup and use the BMP system and a grid.

    Setting up the project to the BMP of song with matching grid and snapping to grid makes aligning very easy.


    P.S. I have asked for timeline markers within HF for a long time.....NUDGE NUDGE...WINK WINK


  • @Farscraper I meant Timeline Tools for Sony Vegas Pr.

  • Thanks for all the ideas guys. I will have to bag this project with regards to doing it in Hitfilm. The Speed effect visual quality, speeding up footage, is just not acceptable. The new rate control is fine, but cannot be keyframed.

    For the record I have Vegas and Vegasaur.

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