So I just got Hitfilm 4 Pro...

I'm loving it so far, but what new feature should I check out first? What stands out to all of you?


  • Phil, for all general animation tasks, play with the Value Graph and Manual Bezier keyframes. That's really the biggest fundamental change as it applies to all keyframe values, not just position. I know you're experienced, so you'll see the possibilities. 

    If you do stuff with 3D models then you'll want to dig into the new materials options. 

    Take a look at the grid options for the Particle emitter. I know you'll be able to create fun with those options. 

    Btw were you aware the shape of a layer emitter can animate? Slows things down a lot, but there's a lot you can do with that from procedural dissolve/disintegration effects to some semi fluid sims. 

  • Veeery cool! I'll play with those!

    I messed around with the HFP4 trial, but now I'm definitely excited :)

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    @PhilWesson - Where ya been?!?!?! You'll love the new 3D model options. Hope you have a way of generating normal, specular and bump maps.

    @Triem23 - "Btw were you aware the shape of a layer emitter can animate?"  No, but I hope they have a tut soon.

  • @StormyKnight Poke around in, I think my "Working on THIS" thread, or my "Tips" thread. There's a quick and dirty text to particle dissolve template that, if you rip it apart, shows what you need to know for animated layer emitters. Basically the shape of the emitter is generated by the alpha or luma of the source layer, so... Any moving white blob will do. 

  • @Triem23 - I will do that in the next few days! Thanks!

  • @stormyknight Spiritual walkabout, then moved to Boston and started a new job, so not much room for everything else I've wanted to do. I'll definitely mess with 3d some more, and browse those threads!

  • @PhilWesson - Walkabout?* Cool! Good luck with the new job!

    *I'm very tempted to ask if you were in a wheel chair and then on a plane that crashed on a remote island and suddenly you're able to walk. But- that's already been done. ;^)

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