Animating Text Messages in HitFilm

Hey guys!

I would love to create animated incoming and outgoing texts on screen like in "House of Cards." I have a pretty tech heavy webseries that I am currently shooting and I would love to have the texts appear on screen.

Has anyone been able to accomplish this in Hitfilm? Any help would be appreciated!


  • You can create a new text layer in a composite shot and then animate it with keyframes.

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    Having just watched the opening titles for House of Cards... 

    Yeah, ok, you need static text to fade in. 

    This tutorial is for an older version of Hitfilm. All controls are exactly the same in Hitfilm 3 Express/Pro and 4 Pro.

     This keyframing tutorial is also for an older version. Everything still applies. Since House of Cards just fades it's titles, the property you want to keyframe is "Opacity" in the Text's "Transform" Properties.

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    Thanks guys!

  • Actually, I think you (Triem23) are talking about the intro of the show. I'm talking about when they send and receive text messages within scenes. Sorry for any confusion.

  • Oh. Um. Are you in Express or one of the Pro's. Either way, the text and keyframe tutorials are things you'll need to know, but let me add in a masking tutorial. That will show you how to A)draw the text boxes inside Hitfilm B) set up masks to reveal your text for a "type-on" effect. As with the previous tutorials, they're for an older version of Hitfilm, but the procedure is the same as with the older version. Just some minor tweaks to the interface!

    And a Hitfilm 3 version:

    So, not a specific tutorial for the effect you want, but those tutorials cover the tools you'll need to work it out. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Aladdin's video cleared it up for me. 

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    You should check this tutorial about templates. Using templates is much easier than replicate the same effect every time you need a text on your video.

  • Thanks everyone!

  • Hi,

    I'm a noob and I want to make like a popping effect on the text, like in facebook... and I have no clue how to do it... :/

  • @MaxCrazybread - can you add some more details of what "popping effect" you want to do, or perhaps give us a link to an example?

  • Maybe something like the text quickly growing with an "elastic" feel... If so, it could be easily animated with key frames on the size property, I guess...

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    I have another question about text animation : I wanted to make a text typing effects, and the mask tool seemed not to work properly, since it didn't allow constant keyframes on the shape properties. Then, you can't reveal one letter at a time without having a wipe effect... I solved this by moving a plane with the same color as the background O(here, the constant keyframing works fine), but it involves a second object and it would only work with a solid color background. A simple typing text effect will be nice ! Any clue, maybe ?

  • @Deweak Create a second keyframe one frame before the one where you want it to move, so it'll be static over the life of a single letter, then move immediately to the next position/letter on the following frame; no wiping.

  • Cool trick, thanks !

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    What about doing something like Chinese calligraphy, like this? Can HitFilm do this?


  • @ongseowhsiung  HitFilm doesn't have a tool like that yet but there are other ways to do it. Check this other recent thread for several good ideas.

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    Hi guys,

    Just like to tell everyone I have managed to create Chinese calligraphy word using HitFilm! Finally after a year of trials and watching a video by Motion Epic, I have managed to come out with this. 

    Chinese calligraphy - Wu 武

    Motion Epic Write text animation,


  • @ongseowhsiung Good job with the write-on effect tutorial.  Clean, simple and to the point.  Nicely done!


  • @ongseowhsiung ; Exactly what Stargazer54 said above.  Well done and you even helped me to under stand the animating the path tool a bit better in the process.  Hit you with a sub.

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