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Hey everyone, I know I haven't been too active lately. School and work have completely taken over my free time, but luckily I get to write my English 2089 final paper on the VFX community.

It would really help me out if some of you would kindly take this survey I've created. It's very brief but will give me some more insight on the community. Thank you!



  • I filled in the survey!!!

    Good luck with the paper!

     ButI was wondering exactly why you needed this information though?

  • Thank you! The paper is supposed to be on a "discourse community", which is one that has a common goal and uses communication in order to do so. I did the survey to get info on how you all like to talk to each other and why you have interests in VFX.

  • Filled in with digressions. Because I can't say anything short. 

  • I left you a few long winded answers myself.

    Good luck with your research!   Please update us on your results, at some point. :)

  • I kept it short and sweet. Keep us posted!

  • Done. I hope it helps you with your paper. 

  • let me know how you get on...good luck.

  • Done, good luck.

  • We've sent out a tweet from the @HitFilmOFFICIAL twitter handle to see if we can snag any more responses for you :) Good luck with it!

  • inScapeDigital

    I was maybe to honest by the end of the survey - good luck on the final ! 

  • Better late than never; here are the results:

    24 total responses. Biggest age group was 35-44 (30%) and second was Under 18 (25%).

    Average time spent in the VFX community: 8 years, average min being around 4-5 and max 29.

    VFX work done ranged from self-made short films to commercial/contracted work, mostly compositing.

    Software used: Cinema 4D, Motion 5, Lightwave,  AE, Blender, Vegas, Resolve, Houdini.

    Respondents described the VFX community as: friendly, informative, helpful, talented, diverse, sometimes clueless, eclectic.

    Communication with the VFX community was mostly done through forums, social media being 2nd.

    Why use HitFilm? All in one solution, easy to use, it has potential, affordable, less plug-ins, online community, amazing 3D capabilities.

    Thanks again to everyone who responded!

  • You left out something important... How'd you do in the class? ;-)

  • Did I miss it?  I just filled out the survey.  LOL.  I never pay attention.


  • @Triem23 Got an A in the class, finally done taking English classes now!

    @karma The survey was from Fall semester last year, no worries.

  • @inScapeDigital - Congratulations on the 'A', eh!

  • @inScapeDigital ; Thanks for updating us on the results!  Congrats on ace-ing the class.

    I love the "Why use HitFilm?" question answers.  Pretty much says it all.  Only thing missing is - Fun!

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