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    In theory, that works, @Ubi

  • There are two problems with the workflow I suggested;

    1) The proxy files require ~300MB/s. See http://hitfilm.com/forum/discussion/7073/proxy-file-qustion for more info. This is not the end of the world. In my case the proxies are on a separate HDD to the OS/Programs and the project files, and playback is acceptable, a lot better than UHD mp4 scaled down to HD, but still I know the HDD can't do 300MB/s so it must be dropping frames.

    2) This is the killer. I'm still learning so maybe my workflow is all wrong but this it what I'm currently doing. Take the clip trim them down on the time line then add effects. So if my clips were mp4 or DNxHD or similar I'd make a rough edit then right click and make compsite to start adding the VFX. The problem with the work flow that I suggested is that the clips that the rough edit is done on are actually composites and it seems that you can't do a "make composite" out of a composite. Bummer

  • I did some tests with an UHD clip.

    1. UHD project, imported UHD clip then exported as FHD at 8 bits.

    2. UHD project, imported UHD clip then exported as FHD at 16 bits.

    3. FHD project, imported UHD clip at 50% size, then exported as FHD at 8 bits.

    4. FHD project, imported UHD clip at 50% size, then exported as FHD at 16 bits.

    Well all exports look the very same. I expected to get some gain in using one or the other workflow, what i'm missing?

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    What format are you exporting? If not open exr, then it's 8-bit 4:2:0.

  • D'oh! I knew i missed something. Thank you!

  • 4K videos are in excellent video quality but they are not accepted by all devices or video editing software. Downscale to 1080p is a good way to handle the video files.

  • Ok guys ive received the camera LX100 and ive filmed different green screen scenes with it in 4K

    It is very very very easy to key it out, compare to my old camera (50D with magic lantern).

    Concerning the 4k to 1080p, i import 4k footage in mp4  to davinci lite, in RGB, then i export it to DNX 1080P 444 in MOV.

    I don't know if it makes a huge difference, but there is no lag in Hitfilm when i edit it and the quality is great, i don't know neither if it really renders in 4:4:4 ...

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    @foleyproduction, I too have an LX100, I'm new to recording video on an picture camera and thus are still learning. There's lots of info around setting up a GH4 and so one day I hope to see if some of these translate to the LX100. In the meantime, if you come up with a camera setup that works well I'd appreciate if you shared the settings, if you don't mind.

  • Hey @Simon,

    What do you need to know about the LX100 ?

    Ive watched many tutorials on youtube to learn how to use it properly, and of course checked the manual.

    I only use the camera in 2 modes, manual or automatic, i don't use shutter/iso/aperture modes.

    I consider it a friendly camera, as you can easily and quickly change the set up depending of your usage.

  • Hi @foleyproduction, I was thinking in terms of trying to get the most neutral/flat picture to maximise the amount of colour information, such as reducing the contrast/sharpness/NR/saturation.

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