Importing .flv files?

I've tried to search the forum and my googlefu has also failed me. Is there a way to import .flv files to edit them? I know I can run them through handbrake to convert them but that's an extra step and extra time that I'd like to avoid.

Thank you for any help!


  • I'm pretty sure you have to convert sadly... Correct me if i'm wrong

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    FilmTech is correct. You have to convert. 

    List of supported video formats is her3,but FLV isn't on it.

    If you're thinking of using Handbrake to convert to mp4,I suggest using MPEG STREAMCLIP to convert to DNxHD. You'll have larger filesizes, but Hitfilm is much happier with DNxHD than mp4.

  • Thanks for the help! I was hoping for some sort of extension that could be installed but that's alright. I could probably configure OBS to save footage as mp4 (I think I only have the choice between the two) and work from there.

    What benefit would I have to using DNxHD, is it just a question of stability?

  • Mainly the benefits of DNxHD over mp4 come in terms of speed of performance, and quality. Its quite stable as well, though, so that's a plus.

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    To expand on what Axel writes.

    Mp4 was designed to cram data into as small a space as possible for playback. h.264 is what's called a "Long GOP (Group of Pictures)" format. Mp4 stores a "key" frame--a complete image--maybe once every 90 to 150 frames. The rest of the frames are interpolated based on looking forward and backward to the next keyframes. This means for Hitfilm to display frame 45 it has to look at all frames from 0 to 149 just to display frame 45. For a media player this usually isn't a big deal, but an editor needs precision.

    If you've ever tried moving the playhead on a YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo stream or even skipped around on your computer using Window Media or VLC or something and seen the screen turn into total garbage for a few second until, suddenly, the image snaps back into being clean then you saw the media player fail to properly interpolate the middle frames before hitting the next keyframe.

    DNxHD (Windows) and Pro-Res (Mac) are designed for editing. They have much larger files sizes because they aren't nearly as compressed, but they're a lot easier for your computer to decode, so they respond a lot faster in an editor.

    You can use mp4 if you want, but they'll be much more laggy.

    DNxHD and MPEG Streamclip are both free, btw. :-)

  • AVCHD, AVI, DV, M2T, M2TS, MOV, MP4, MPEG-1 & MPEG-2 Video (MPE, MPG, MPEG, M2V), MTS, MXF (DVCPro HD), WMV are Hitfilm Supported Import Containers & File Formats, there is no FLV mentioned. So you need transcode FLV to either format mentioned above and then Hitfilm can accept it for editing. I used Pavtube Video Converter to do the transcoding job in case you wanna know.

  • Just to clear up a little bit for anyone who might not have read anything else about codecs and file formats yet:

    The file format (that is, the few characters behind the "." in the file name, sometimes also called "container") is a separate thing from a codec, which basically describes how a video and/or audio stream is encoded inside the container. Most containers only support specific codecs, though.

    For example, .mp4-files (container) will most often contain a video encoded with h.264 (codec). DNxHD on the other hand is a codec which can be contained in .mov, .mxf and (sometimes) .avi files. So, Triem saying DNxHD will make HitFilm happier than mp4 is technically comparing Apples and Oranges, but in this case it's no problem as mp4 is basically synonym for h.264 video.

    This just as a quick heads-up for people who migh be confused about this stuff. There is another thread with much more valuable information on this, especially Triem has written some exceptionally good roundups. I'm not at my desktop pc so I don't have that bookmark handy, calling out to @Triem23 do you happen to? Otherwise I'll post it tonight.

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    I can't think of the thread right now, but anything I say is basically taken right from this article Only reason I'd not posted it before was I was on my phone.

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