Anyone else watch Killjoys on the Syfy channel and say to yourself, "I can produce this with my current DSLR and Hitfilm"?   I'm not implying that it's a crummy show or that it's campy,  only that the writers, producers, location managers and VFX artists have kept it accessible.   I also like how they use a lot of different color grades within each episode.


  • I have not seen this show. How far along is it? Maybe I can find it on OnDemand or something. Or do they do completely different stories each week?

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    There are currently 5 episodes "on demand"   It appears to be different stories based around a common theme.  

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    @BobDiMarzio Yes I have thought that. Well ok what I actually thought was @Triem23 and @NXVisualStudio could probably do that in their sleep...........I thought the same thing about Dark Matter too. 

    @StormyKnight I think it's 5 episodes in and it's on SyFy in the US, Space in Canada and streaming on Hulu.

  • @Aladdin4d  no doubt that @triem23 and NXVisualStudios could do it in their sleep.  lol  I guess better phasing would have been,  "I have all the necessary hardware and software to do this"   Yes I agree, Dark Matter is also accessible.   They both remind me of early Stargate, but with more color grades.

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    BobDiMarzio  Aladdin4d StormyKnight
    One has been summoned from there sleep editing 

    to note yes very doable indeed but might need maya for the little spider creatures (going by the main trailer for killjoys)

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    @StormyKnight, I haven't seen Killjoys either,but here's the trailer:

    And the Hook scene of the first episode is on YouTube, here.

    @BobDimarzio @Aladdin4D Yeah, I'll agree with @NxVisualStudio. Those VFX are doable in Hitfilm, except for the spider bots from the trailer. I don't think I'd want to do these shots in my sleep, however. There would be a lot more of my wife, nekkid, along with some redheads, also nekkid, and a lot of oil involved if I were sleep-editing. Good for HBO, not so much for SyFy.

    Sigh, the above is funny, but the sad truth is I actually DO edit in my sleep, which can be annoying. An ex-gf related once the story of how I kept her up all night talking out a patchbay diagram in my sleep. She didn't know it was a patchbay diagram, but when she told me I was saying things like "K4 in 7 and 8 on A, chain to C 9 and 10, DAMMIT, Mattrick, I said 9 and 10!" I knew...


  • Killjoys is not a show for everyone, but it fits the mood for late night summer binge-watching fairly easily, and its leads are charismatic.

  • Yep one of my favorite shows.   Don't know if its still around though.

  • Excellent!

  • Kill joys was renewed for a 5th season which will be the last season.   Dark Mater was cancelled


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