HitFilm 3 Express with AMD Radeon HD 4350

Hi guys,

 I finish the installation, run the program and automatically a windows appear saying the program stop. The error is 0xc000001d.

I downloaded the installation file twice.

OS: Windows 7
CPU: i5
Graphics Card: ATI radeon HD 4350
RAM: 8gb
AntiVirus: AVG


  • I am having the same problem. 

    my specs are different though

    OS: Mac OS X 10.10

    CPU: intel core i5

    Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000 512 MB

    RAM: 8Gb


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    nicolasaigues Have you filed a support ticket with the devs? It's 5am for them currently, so it may be a few hours before they can look at anything. ;-) Try disabling your AVG and re-installing/re-launching. Hitfilm does have some known issues running alongside AVG.

    mwmaitrogmailcom You also might want to open a support ticket, but your GPU is under minimum specs for the software as listed here. http://hitfilm.com/store/hitfilm-3-express


  • Thanks @Triem23 for you answer. I didn't filed any ticket yet (I know is 5am, there... is 2am here :P)

    And, I tried disabling the antivirus with the same result: error 0xc000001d.


  • AdyAdy Staff


    Sadly both of your systems are below the minimum requirements for HitFilm 3 Express. In order to run the software, the minimum requirements must be met or exceeded. The AMD Radeon HD 4350 & the Intel HD 3000 present in your machines respectively are not supported by the software & are below spec.

    You can see the minimum requirements here at the bottom of the page.


  • Hi,

    Same issue, but specs are well, I suppose:

    CPU: AMD FX 8350

    RAM: 16GB DDR3

    GPU: Geforce GTX 660

    OS: Win 7

    Antivirus: AVG (currently disabled)

    Thought it was Framework, but I installed version 4.5.2 and nothing helps as far.

  • AdyAdy Staff


    Are your drivers up to date?

    Latest driver for Nvidia GTX 660 (External link to Nvidia website)


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    I updated drivers but it didn't help.

    I grabbed crash report: http://i61.tinypic.com/2l8hg9j.jpg

    I have 64bit Windows.

    Thanks for fast reply :)


    @Ady: Ticket sent

  • AdyAdy Staff


    Could you raise a support ticket please? I need to get some information about your machine which is not easy to do on a forum.

    You can raise a ticket here.


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    @Ady, thanks for your answer.  

    Sad to be so close and so far away :(

    it seems is not my lucky week. I tried to install my copy of HitFilm2 express and the file is corrupt. 

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