Suggestion: Multiple YouTube Accounts for Export

Hi there,

I just downloaded the latest Hitfilm 3 Pro and immediately went over to the YouTube export settings. Hooking up my personal account was a breeze! Thanks for that.

I was then hoping to also hook up my business YouTube account, since there's equal likelihood that I'd submit an edited video there.

There doesn't seem to be a way to add more than one YouTube account but that would be a cool feature, I think. It would be useful for me, anyway.





  • HitFilm can upload your movies to YouTube automatically. This is the quickest way to get a high quality version of your work onto the internet and in front of an audience. But I haven't found any information about multiple youtube accounts can be connected with HitFilm.

  • Multiple accounts is something we'd like to add, but the schedule didn't quite allow it this time round. At least it's relatively easy to remove/add accounts to swap now, compared to the older system. If you have all your channels under a single Google login it's pretty simple.

  • Absolutely. It's really not a problem to swap accounts. You guys have made that a very easy process to deal with.

  • Hello everybody. I need a bit of help here: I try to export a clip and link to my youtube account (actually the clip is already posted at youtube) but i dont know how to enter the authorization code. When I copy the code that I get from google Hitfilm always keeps telling me that an error has occured getting account details. What is wron here?

    B.t.w. I am running Hitfilm 3 Pro

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