Audio sync

I have tried to align my audio and video up. I end up having a half a second delay. HitFilm will not let me move my audio to sync up they are off a little bit in the timeline. Is this HitFilm or am I doing something wrong?


  • Did you change the frame rate in somehow after you brought in the audio? 

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    , both audio files are 4800 samplerate

     the framerate is 25fps

    I just noticed I had it set to 720 instead of 1080

     one has a bitrate of 16 and the other 24,think that is it

  • I have changed my h4n to wav 16bit 4800

  • Is it working now?

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    yes it seems to work now.

    I have reshot the scene.the audio synchs a lot better than before

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    I think Stephans found the issue, but, to restate, make certain the audio rate of the project matches that of the media. Sounds to me like you had a 44.1/48k mismatch, which will certainly cause audio to drift.

  • Is the video/audio sync problem related to framerate? If it is true, adjust video framerate ina video converter before loading into Hitfilm to get a correct video is more efficient.

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