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I am now making it a point to get back onto the forums every week as well as work on a ton more projects that I have had ideas for but been putting off.  So here I am making a thread to put together all of my videos into one place to see my progress as I go on.

This is the lastest one that I posted today.  Its about the life on a distant planet named Xanthium and how the colonies arent always safe.  Tell me what you guys think of it.


  • The whisper at the end could have been a little louder and giving me the willies at work isn't nice. lol

    So, if I understand this correctly, Xanthium is not inhabited by humans?

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    Im glad that it achieved it purpose in giving you the willies.  Yes you are correct in that humans do not inhabit Xanthium.  We were looking for a twist while writing the script for it and it just came to mind that what if the inhabitants fo Xanthium were beings that looked like humans and that humans invaded their planet in search of natural resouses.  Thus the twist at the end was born.  Im glad that you enjoyed it and thank you for the feedback.

  • Nice twist! Very Rod Serling-ish.

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    Its been a while since I've posted on here.  But here is my newest video that I made over the past couple days.


    This is another video that I did a couple months ago for a local band that is letting me make videos for them.


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    @DearTelevision ; Absolutely identify with the Creativity video!  I think we've all asked the same question from time to time.  How can the work be unique when its all been done before?   But (thankfully) . . . . it has not been done before . . . .  by you.   (Unless, of course, you're repeating your own work,)  Everyone's  viewpoint is at the very least slightly different.   And there in lies the art.

    Andy Warhol did not design the Campbell's Soup can, but he saw it in a different way.  And he made us look at it in a different way.  Whether that is indeed art is up for debate, but he put his own spin on it.  Even if you think something has been done before, you cannot help but make it different by touching it.  One could say, quantum physics comes into play in everything we do.  Our participation determines the outcome.

    So thank you @Dear Television.  Your quest for inspiration has definitely inspired me.  Well done.

  • Thank you @Stargazer54 !  It means a lot to hear that from a person within the community that got me started making videos.

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    I am doing album art for the local band and they said that they would like a custom nebula in the background.  So I said why not make it in hitfilm with the Particle Simulator.  I am going to fill it in with my painting program, but I just thought I would show the other ways to use Hitfilm rather than just for film projects.

  • The band I have been helping is having me make them album art for their upcoming EP, and they said they wanted a custom nebula in the background.  So I thought why not just use the particle simulator in Hitfilm then fill it further in with my painting program.  I just wanted to share this with everyone so they can see the other uses for Hitfilm instead of an exclusive video program.

  •  Here is my first attempt at a music video that I did for a friend that is trying to record and mix some stuff on his own.


    Please give me some feedback because I was using this as a test run before I shoot another music video for a band next month.

  • DearTelevision - Great job all around. The only thing I see missing is a few movement shots. I like the split screen stuff and I would leave those static, but when you're focusing on one member, maybe pan a half circle around or make a slow to medium speed zoom in on one member- just something to break up all the static shots. Otherwise, the vid itself looks great. The color and lighting was consistent and fit the mood of the song quite well. When filming a guitarist, make sure, if you do any close-ups on the guitar, zero in on the guitarist's left hand- that's where all the action is most of the time unless they're picking and not strumming. Especially if they're playing a really tricked out solo. The bass guitar shot you have at 3:19 is very nice. The guys performing did a great job too!

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    @StormyKnight - Thanks for the feedback!  I agree with the static shot comment in the next music video for the full band there will be plenty of movement.  For this one we were trying to go with a live recording feel that's why I stuck with static shots, but next time I will bring my other lens and defiantly try out some pans and rotations to throw in.

  • @DearTelevision, good job, like the final grade and look. The splits work well, wonder what they would look like with softer blurs on the edges of the boxes? I've seen a trick with split screen before where if there is multipul boxes on the screen they shift about and swap places with each other, just gives the video some fun? Anyway, liked it.

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    I have been inactive on the forums for some time mainly because school has gotten the better of me but I am now in my first production class so that's exciting.  It was a 5 week course where we had to make 3 projects and this is my final project.  I didn't get a chance to work on it as long as I would have wanted but hey I'm learning to get the most out of what I can with tight deadlines.  This took a week and a half from pre to post-production. Please give any advice that you have and let me know what you liked and disliked about it.

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    Firstly well done on getting it done, and thanks for sharing. I liked the look of the film and pace was ok. Your phone call audio worked well.

    So well done, below are a few of my own personal comments, not professional.

    0:30 mark, the side on shot of the two actors talking worked but then the over the shot didn't it looked like the character had stood back, but I suspect it was the lense you used.

    2:29 : Really thought your singing shot in the car was going to do that thing where your solo turns into a full blown recording of the same song as a backing track while the car parks leading to the next scene. That said I get that he was trying to compose the song.

    4:21: The scene jump from the brushing of the teeth to back to the car park was really jarring, if that was as I suspect a memory it didn't come over that way.

  • @DearTelevision - nice work! Exciting to hear that you're now part of a production class. A week and a half from pre- to post-production is quite a turnaround, that must have been somewhat difficult!

    A few points:
    At 0.25ish, the party music really overrides the conversation for me. I can see that you're trying to indicate that it's a party, but having the music a little quieter and SHOWING people bopping their heads or something like that to suggest the same environment would work just as well and not interrupt the character's conversation so much. 
    2:29 I agree with @Andy001z in that it would have been nice to take the voice recording and lay it over the top of the following carpark scene, so that you transition nicely across to the next bit. 
    3:15 Very minor point, but I feel like before she gets to the hug, your actress should put her keys in her bag or have them out of the way so that they're not jangling when she hugs him. 

    Overall, nice work! Look forward to seeing your next project :D

  • Well try and nice twist. Keep it up. Try to make more thrilling videos like this. All the best.

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