Intel and the atomic particle

As you aware of, the atomic particle filter will not twist while working on the Macbook retina when the Intel card is used. This is still not fixed. Any process in this case? Thanks


  • AdyAdy Staff
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    So this is an Intel Iris GPU? And I must admit this is the first I have heard of the issue, have you reported this before?

    Update: I have just tested this on a Retina Macbook Pro with an Iris Intel HD & it worked fine.


  • Oh, this has been meantioned by Axel in his comments to the Atomic particle tutorial part 2. I will try it again, otherwise I will show it to you. I have a work around as well, I just switch to the better card. 

  • Hi Stephen,

    That Tutorial is 2 years old & the issue was fixed in a 2.0 Update to the software, at the time it affected the Intel HD 3000 & 4000 only. But this was before the Mac version even existed.

    If you could show me the issue then that would be great but we have just tried it here & it works just fine.


  • :) okay. If it comes up again you are the first to know. 

    The comment has put in a year ago: "We've actually just identified a bug on Intel graphics cards which stops twist from working correctly. If you're using an Intel graphics card this is most likely the problem. We're working on a fix which we'll hopefully release soon."

    But anyway. I will check again

  • @Ady , maybe it is beginners luck, but here we go:

    I change to the intel card, no reaction on the depth at all as you can see. Now when I change the card, still nothing happens.


    Second I save the project, work on the second card, depth works only on aprox. . Also the I can change the card to intel and depth works (on Aprox.)


    Okay, what am I doing wrong? Looking forward to your answer. Maybe you have a job for me in the bug finder department.  ;) 

  • Thanks for the video, @StephansBilderwelt - that is a different issue, as its not the Twist that you are having issue with, but the depth sorting. The particles are twisted exactly as they should be. The video is helpful though, and we will investigate further.

  • Thanks Axel. Hope to see a new tutorial from you soon, I think you have just a great way of explaining things. 

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