Chromakey eye dropper

When using the eye dropper to select the green screen in the Chromakey effect, the action is a bit jittery.  Depending on where the dropper is placed could be the difference between selecting  green or it may return 0,0,0,

I tried this during several days, reset the computer etc with the same results.   It's not a hard failure since it will eventually select the proper color.  I am using  proper evenly lit green screen from tube tape.

Also, when I tested the same keyed footage with HF2U, it properly selected the color every time.



  • I have also noticed that.

    But if you select the color from the the preview window instead the eye dropper behaves just like you would expect.

    One can wonder why?

    Lars H

  • The release build has an issue which causes the eye dropper to continually update, which probably means in this case that it's selecting green, then immmedaitely selecting the black of the removed area, and so on. This is fixed in this week's update.

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    Thanks for the prompt reply!


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