Constant "new update available" screen (fixed)

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Has anyone else had the issue of a popup screen alerting you to a new update that appears every few minutes? I have tried just closing it, tried hitting cancel, and it just keeps coming back. 

As I downloaded 3 pro on the day it was released, I doubt there is really an update there? 

Either way, I was working on a premiere project last night, and left the program open overnight, when I got up in the morning there were around 30 of these popups stacked on top of each other. How do I make this just stop? 

Obviously not a deal breaker considering the excellent software, but still rather annoying. 


  • I think the guys are aware of this one and are looking at it

  •  I should have known they would already be on top of this. I won't give it another thought then. 

  • It's something to do with the plugins I think. There is another thread on it anyway so you are not the only one affected. I'm sure it will get sorted very soon. Given the teething issues being reported at the moment I suspect an update to fix a few things wont be too far away. 

  • This was related to the plugins rather than HF3Pro itself. A fix has just gone out, so hopefully you'll stop being assaulted by update notifications. :)

  • @SimonKJones Glad to hear, was getting that problem too. :)

  • No worries. Do let us know if it happens again, though, as that might require us to track down another gremlin and terminate it with extreme prejudice.

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